20 + 16 + 5! Abandoning the War Lakers and then burst the purple gold army to regret it White?

The NBA regular season continues, and the Knicks 106-100 beat the Lakers. Knick’s core Landel 17 got 20 points and 16 rebounds 5 assists, and the performance pressure also 17 shots 7 in the 20-point 6 rebound 3 assists Anthony-Davis, also led the team to defeat James, only Wisbrook and Davis playing Lakers.

As the old will of the Lakers, Randall signed James after the 2018 Summer Lakers, was put away from the Lakers. After that, he first proved himself, and then got a big contract in https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.com Knicks and became the core of Knicks. This beast forwarded in the Lakers did not have enough recognized beasts. This game did not cause trouble to the Lakers.

The first score of Knicks is Randel to fight https://www.maillotbasket6.com Davis. The ball is strong, Davis, Randel in the basket, three consecutive hard Davis, and finally built the score in the basket, and played extremely tough. Although facing the League Super Inner Line Davis, Randel did not fear, but it was very tough.

Can hold the basket to attack, Randel can also organize and break through, jump shot. In the face of Bradley, Landel used its own clutter to assisted team friend. Single Tak Jordan or Howard, Randel continuously done a score. Attracting the lake bag, Randel broke through the score again.

This field of Randel, although the hit rate is not high, but also keeps a level with Davis. At the same time, his rebound, passing the ball is impressive. A few times, Randel is even easily sent. The long biography of the counterattack, the top of the arc is attracted to the assists https://www.nbatrikots4.com in the team, and the teammates are easy to defend, and the drums will send a letter of assistance … In the past, it is considered to be technically rough Landel, and now it has become very comprehensive.

Of course, Randel’s technology still exists, that is, his jumper capacity is not stable enough. At the same time, with his height of 2.03 meters, once he hits a very deep position in the basket, his hit rate will fall. This game faces the Lakers who perform very loose this season, Randel is easy to play. And before, he once appeared from the undulations.

But it also needs to be admitted that Randell has recently rebounded. With the last game of the Lakers, he faced the Bull Team to get 34 points and 10 rebounds 3 assists, the full-time rate is close to 70%.

Now, Randel has once again burst out again, once again prove it in front of the old land, I don’t know why the Lakers’ management is thinking?


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