365 days later Qatar World Cup, what do we look?

Video: 2022 World Cup countdown first anniversary of the propaganda film football top event is about to stage in Qatar, the time is about 1 minute 4 seconds

The 2022 World Cup opened, and the reflexment was taken for 1 year.Fans who have not ended the end of the refuge in the high-gloss of the European Cup in the Summer Europe, which is about to usher in a new feast feast.

As the last World Cup of the 32th team, it will come to Asia’s Great Cup after 20 years, undoubtedly there is a milestone in the previous ensemble.The first half of the year was held in the second half of the year, the extraordinary watchmaking time, news nation com especially the two major superstars the last World Cup journey, which made Qatar in November next year, there is no doubt that become the center of sports.

Watch the World Cup while I have dinner, this schedule is awkward?

It was determined that the Qatar World Cup will be held on November 21 next year, the final time will be held on December 18th, which is also held in the history of the Northern Hemisphere in the history of the World Cup history. The 28-day schedule is the first “compression” of the World Cup to the 32 team in 1998.

Qatar is located in the East Third District, with Beijing 5 hours. According to the schedule, the eight groups of competition will be completed in 12 days. The group stage has 4 games every day, and it is arranged at 18 o’clock, 21 o’clock, rpsc news notification 24 o’clock, and 3 o’clock in the morning. For Chinese fans, this is obviously only the “conscience arrangement” of the 2002 Korean World Cup, even if you are not a hardcore fan, after reading the two games, the biological clock is no pressure.

Asia holds the World Cup, the gaze is very comfortable.

Of course, in order to take care of Europe, the Americas fans, and the last round of the group, the third round of the group and the knockout, it is scheduled from 23 o’clock in Beijing, and the ball is 3 o’clock in the morning, and the final time is finally determined. At 23 o’clock in Beijing, telangana news today hindi December 18, 2022, this day happened to Sunday, and the night, absolute value!

On the night of the winter, I watched the ball in the warm quarter in the warm bed. It is obviously more than the summer forest. It is better to cool. 28 days are well, but it is obviously the next year – 2026 World Cup, the United States, Canada and Mexico and China Division 13 hours, and the 48 team means that the game may take a half month to kick,

Instead of the future, why not cherish what is not easy to come?

8 big burn money main venues, do not seek best, but the most expensive

The Qatar World Cup will be held at the Albert Stadium. This stadium model is similar to the traditional tent of Arabia. It is equipped with the most advanced scalable roof. It can aaj tak news bataiye accommodate 60,000 viewwats and the finals for the Luke. 80,000 people, is the largest stadium in this World Cup. Total steel has a total of 100,000 tons, a layer of film structure of 45,000 square meters, which is currently the world’s largest roof structure construction project. It is worth mentioning that the stadium is the World Cup main stadium that Chinese company is constructed by the main contractor.

The most environmentally friendly stadium also has the most dynamic name – 974

Has committed the 2006 Asian Games, 2011 Asian Cup and Doha Tracks World Championships, is also the Harley Family of Qatar’s major on the home of the major, although the capacity of 40,000 people is not big, but the Asian Games will be held here in luxurious opening ceremony. And still makes fans still in love. At the time of 6000 square meters, the song god Jacky Cheung sang the theme song, the Desert Knight ignited the torch of the Asian Games, and the 180 million dollars burned the world. After 16 years of time, Qatar next year will push the World Cup opening ceremony? After all, the World Cup budget given by Qatar, equivalent to approximately 1.7 trillion yuan, is Russia, the two World Cup’s total budget of the Brazil. And the New Town, which is built specifically for the World Cup, burned 2.8 billion pounds!

Qatar has sea, riding a traditional wooden darket sailboat to visit the calm waters of the Arab Bay, which is the best experience of the Qatar Navigation tradition. Cry sailboat usually has a slender hull, and the traditional hull has a dreamy light. When you enjoy the barbecue buffet provided on the boat, you can also see Doha skyline on the boat.

In addition, Catara Culture Village and Open Theater opened in 2010, can be interiors and outdoor movie screenings for four seasons. The round open-air theater is a treasure of cultural villages, designed to combine the characteristics of the Classical Greek Theater and the essence of traditional Islamic architecture, can accommodate more than 5,000 people. The Doha International Film Festival held in November every year, and also behind the world’s cup. First look at the movie star and look at the stars, and have more great chase experience than this?

C Roimei World Cup bid farewell, Mbpe again

Compared with the sniper, cards and consumption methods, the core content of the Qatar World Cup, obviously still 32 teams, and those names such as thunder.

As two symbols in the 21st century, Messi will usher in the 6th World Cup. The same is C Luo, which is the 6th Dream of Personal Dream, and in March next year, it will fight for the death of the death. In November next year, “Double arrogance” will be 35 years old, and the other is 37 years old. The distance is more and more, the Qatar World Cup will be the two people who have a vacant vacancy, and the only opportunity.

The last World Cup belonging to “Double Pride”

One of the image ambassadors of the Qatar World Cup, and Messi in Nemaar in Paris Saint-Germain, although they just have been 30 years old, but in October this year, the last time, the last time, the next time. As a recognized successor, “inner” and the two bosss, “inner” and the two boss farewell to the World Cup stage, but also let Qatar’s trip, more points and miss.

For the football superstars that appear in Qatar hopes to be embarrassing, the football superstars of the 80s and the 90th and the 90s are destined to complete the generation of generations in this World Cup. Three years ago, Mbpe, who was only 19 years old, became a recognized leader of the new World Cup French team. Nowadays, he is very expensive, and he is a curse from the World Cup for 60 years.

The England team after a batch of 00 after a batch of 00, obviously also wanted to be further in the IV company’s identity, despite the prospects of the peer, but the young people of the Three Lion Legion have been tired of paying tuition fees and endless Waiting, since 1966, the earth is destroyed in the past 55 years, apparently hopes to break the wall.

The answer to all the issues, it will be announced at this time next year.

Germany, “Gold Generation”, the Belgian, which is being shocked in the trough, is still in the European champion italy, and the Netherlands of the Cup Warring Battlefield will be returned to the Netherlands of the Cup Battlefield. Once an old king, the new king is standing.

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