37-year-old melon, I originally pension, but it turned into old …

If you want to say anyone who is offensive, you can say his name in a mouthful of fans – Cameron Antoni! Back, three threats, excellent rhythm and vain, precise shooting, these are Anthony’s outstanding skills package! Today, you want to find a player who is classical playing in a small ball in the foreigner! The era of the ball pays attention to magic, baskets and three-pointers. It seems that 37-year-old melon becomes the alternative existence of the league! Also because of such existence, those old fans are not willing to put down NBA. 37-year-old https://www.nbatrikots4.com melon, I originally pension, but it turned into old …

This year’s break, under the recruitment of James, the melon came to the Lakers. You must know that these two people are the arrogance of the 03 generation. They used to be a teammates of the Dream Team. They used to be a brother of the banana boat. The friendship between the two was engraved in the bones. Natural, the old melon of your career is looking at the championship that the Lakers get a dream. After all, I got a famous gas in Denver, and I made a salary that Madison made almost no longer worried. Like a lot of retired stars, the old melon also wants to “get” in the Lakers!

Indeed, this summer, the summer has joined the Lakers. From the paper, they have the first person of the league and the top of the league, and there is a MVP-level player. The combination of the three giants is enough to become a crown. However, the reality did not imagine, the grinding of Wei Shao and Zhan Meng became a problem, James was absent from the injury, and only the eyebrows were still in the state. At present, the Lakers 10 wins and 11 losses, the location of the 7th of the Listing, which seems to have problems in the playoffs. What’s more, and the warriors, the sun is in full, and there is a huge gap between the team!

In the Lakers’ lineup, the Thunder Brothers and Anthony became the only two players who did not absence. 33-year-old Wei Shao is still crazy cutting three pairs. Nowadays, the 5th triple of the season is now taken, cutting down the 189th three pairs of career. Also, Wei Shao also pulled the gap between the other NBA players on this record. Compared with the number of 22 + 11 + 11 last season, the data of 20 + 8.5 + 8.5 has declined, which is caused by age! And the old melon has played the data of 15 + 4 + 1 this season, and the data of 13 + 3 + 1.5 last season did not decline, but it gave it! 44.7% of the shooting rate is the best since the 9 seasons; at three-point hit rate, 43.8% of the three-pointer-hit rates even came to the career new high!

Today, the 37-year-old melon score is second only to James’s 25.1 points, and the eyebrows are 24.0 points, and there is 15.0 points, and become the fourth existence in the team! To know that Anthony this year’s salary is only 264 million US dollars, the author thinks that the old melon has at least 10 times the price. And this summer, I came to the Lakers’ Xiaordan, Bradley, Bezmmore, Howard, Elington compared to them than they! It is worth mentioning that the 37-year-old melon is old than they are! Three years ago, when the old melon was in the rocket, I was blocked by De Anti, and the season was only 10 games, I was cut by the Rocket!

After being cut by the Rocket, the bull signed, a game did not play, the melon was cut! https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com Ok, the Blazers made a good person, and the bottom salary signed melon. And in the trailer, the playoffs became the third score of Lilad and McCalem, and the excellent performance of melon also left him. However, after a season, the header is still eliminated. However, in the pioneer’s melon, I obviously saw a lot of happiness. I didn’t have a “black boss” gas field. I have made a “and things” many times!

Anthony and the Lakers only signed a year, and the author thinks that the Lakers will not give up melon. This season, the Lakers have almost no hopes to enter the second round, the key is the reinforcement of the next year. The author thinks this will not accelerate the pace of melon retirement. Lao Zhan’s contract ended in the summer of 2023. The author thinks that the Lakers will be a big probability of the next year https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.com or will sign more than 2 million basic salary for more than a year. Some retirement. As far as the current situation, the goal of the next season Lakers is to compete for the crown, which is also a year of melon’s most hope to get the championship! And the old melon of the Lakers in the past two years, it turned into the old state!


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