39 + 6 + 5! James’s last day plus 17 divided contest, Da Xiu Ba Wangshi crazy celebration

On November 25th, Beijing time, the Lakers passed on the strokes, and the eyebrows were absent. James returned, the whole game was 44 minutes 29 shots 13 to get 39 points 5 rebounds 6 assists, and they have to create a new season, the second section 5 5 I cut 12 points, scaled high difficulties 2 + 1; the end of the endo https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.com corner was broken, the end of the day and the time grown 17 points refused to reverse.

The first competition, James played 8 minutes 5 shots 1 to get 5 points 2 assists – into the three-year-old ball, unreasoning fouls in the middle; the first arrest of the Lakers, the defense is also a hundred, the first There are 5 points behind the section 26-31.

In the second section, the Lakers opened 6-0, and the moment is behind to 11 points. Two sections 59 seconds, James scored high-difficult fairy balls, was still obliquely tied to 2 + 1 by Broggden and McConnell, and the body was taken into 2 + 1. At this time, the old Zhanxiu Muscle is crazy.

James’s second section of 5 shots, scored 12 points, and contributed 17 points in half, and continued to refresh the two consecutive points to score the double miracle, and https://www.maillotbasket6.com the 1049 consecutive score first.

In the second half, James will get 5 points in the third section of James, and the outside line will invest three points. The defensive end is in the basket, but the Lakers have not been fighting; James will take a break, I played a wave of 9-0 offensive, and the three sections finished the Lakers 82-84 2 points; During the period, Wei Shao fell to the ball.

At the end of the end, the Lakers opened 7-0 backward to 9 points, suspended back James tried three-point iron, but sent three assists in successful attack – successively assisted Anthony, Monk and Elington, Lakers responded to 8-2 small climax After that, Elington was investing three points.

After the nail tap is blown, James is obviously anxious. It has failed two consecutive times; James is only a minute to https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com re-play, and the rule of violence is divided into two punishments. The score, the Lakers are the first time.

At the crucial moment, Wei Shao hi hidden pizza eats a malicious foul, the pedestrians will take the lead; Mumk two penalty exceed 1 point, the two teams launched the knot; the last 2 points 05 seconds, James eyelids were broken to accept temporary treatment, small Sa eats the first-level evil, James two punishments, then counterattack breaks the layup, the key three points, James has a 7-pointers, Holler Di investment renewal three points, Wei Shao two penalty stable situation The pedestrians are flattened, and James missed and killed, and the two teams went to overtime.

The overtime, James continuously invests two key three points, the key two points to kill the game, the final Lakers will win, the Jameset 8-pointed game, refused to reverse too crazy, Daxiu Ba Wang stepped crazy celebration.


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