Alaba is inevitable! Bayern locks the two preparations, Real Madrids + Europe

Bayern’s defense line of Alaba and Boateng, the contract is due to the end of June, and the two people have the possibility of leaving the team. The 28-year-old Arab and Bayern’s renewal negotiations have been difficult to reach an agreement. sex. Real Madrid, Big Paris and other luxury teams wanted to get this back-farm player, and they planned to be exented directly in the summer window, and unintentionally shot.

For Bayern, it has also been prepared for the free departure of Allabony. At present, the team is actively looking for suitable alternatives, hoping to make up for the location of the Austrian defender left. According to the latest news of the media SPOX.DE, Bayern has two major guards. One person is the Militang from Real Madrid, and the other is the popular in the transfer market.

The 23-year-old Milly Tang is not the absolute starting person of Real Madrid’s defense line. In the beginning, Real Madrid introduced this Brazilian Zhongwei spent 50 million euros, and the development of the player did not meet the expectations. Mili Tang is not satisfied with the situation in the team, interested in the winter, and the thermal thorn came to lease the introduction of this Brazil.

If the Alaba is really joining Real Madrid, then the Mili Tang next season will undoubtedly be compressed again, and the prospect of Berna will be more unclear, this is the Brazilian people who are not willing to see. Militang or therefore the meaning of the team, and Bayern is very appreciated by this Brazilian, and plans to introduce it in the summer window.

If the two transactions are reached, then Alba and Mille Tang will exchange the East family, and open a new football chapter in the new League. However, whether it is Alaba freey to join Real Madrid, or Mili Tang transfer Bayern, there is currently no final stage of the transaction, and there is a road to reach an agreement. In the Overtiship of Zhongwei, Bayern has another candidate, he is the French Upa Mikano that causing multiple teams in the past.

The 22-year-old French defender has now become the leader in the new generation of the middle and defenders. In the first summer, there are many teams hope to win the middle and defenders of this physical fitness, but Leipzi red cattle successfully important news today convincing Upa Mikano will continue to stay. Although the contract is signed with the team, there is a tailor terms, which will go to the summer window, and chase the team will be a lot of the team of Upapamino. However, Bayern high-level confidence has won this battle, convinced players to vote.

The key target of the summer window will be in the back line. The recent team’s post-defense performance is not entirely satisfactory, and the possibility live news page of Allaba and Boateng exists, so Bayern hopes to reinforce the position, current The two major goals are Militang and Upameno, a 22-year-old 22 years old, is very young, there is also a space. If one of them can be obtained, it is undoubtedly a great improvement for the Bayern’s defense line.

However, any one of the two goals would want to win, all of which have a small difficulty, although Mili Tang did not get enough game time in the live news today team, but Real Madrid unintentionally sold this young guards introduced in front of it. It is more inclined to rent it out. Upapa Nako has always been the popular Zhongwei, the popularity of all teams in the transfer market, and the intensity of competition can be imagined.

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