Alegi can bombard white Borga! Darkness, he has no game attitude, lacks in the heart, too lazy

In the early morning of September 30, Beijing time, the 2nd round of the Champions League Group will continue to make a confrontation, in one of the games, from Juventi to Duessi. As a result, before the start of this game, Juventus coach Alegi participated in the press conference. He talked about the situation in the team. When he was asked latest news articles about the related topics of Rabio, Alegi was straightforward, and the gun bombarded the player who was hailed as a white Boger, and he didn’t have a game attitude.

This time, when I said Rabio, Alegi’s bluntly said: “His ankle is fine, and it can be played against Darecy. If a team like Juventus chose him, it must be reasonable. Rabbi Austria must be full of determination in training, whether it is goal or defense, because this will bring him different. “

In addition, Alegi also said: “In the world, there are many technologically players who have not succeeded in their careers. If I am Rabio, I news today will be angry with myself. In the past two years, he is Is Juwen entered 10 balls? This is an unacceptable thing. He must make progress in all aspects to become an excellent player. “

Today, when there is such a word in Aleg, Alegi is really taking the Labio. In Alegi, Rabio has talent, has the ability, but he lacks into the heart, too big news lazy, and there is no attitude, and there is less. And the fact is true.

Since Rabio joined Juventus, Rabi Austria had played 85 games for Juventus, and he only took 6 into the ball, and he only completed six assists. It is important to know that Rabio is not a defensive middle field, defense is not his strength, and the ability of Rabio’s https news yahoo com india manufacturing effort is also very general, and can even be described in mediocrity. The main reason is that Babio’s attitude has problems, on the court, Rabio is always slowly swallowed, he is too lazy, there is no enthusiasm, the whole person is not awake, it is extremely scattered .

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