As of the current top ten NBA players this season on behalf of low-paid

According to statistics, in the 21-22 NBA season, the league has a total of 126 players last season salary of more than $ 10 million, 56 players pay more than $ 20 million, 32 players pay more than $ 30 million, 6 players pay more than $ 40 million.

21-22 season has been more than 20 games, NBA players are mostly to show progress in the new season, regression, stability, struggle and so on. What are overpaid players every season, fans will always be concerned about the players and will Tucao interesting topic.

In this article, the author will combine with the pay out of inventory data representative of TOP10, by reference. Things should be noted that, because of injuries will not play the game will not be included in the list, first because of injury problems, the players will contest the lack of data samples, and second, injury claims, it is in fact the team has Insurance to advance a majority of these players wages, the loss from the team will not be too serious. Subject to limited space, or if questionable choice for the rest of Pearl, fans welcome you to share ideas in the comments area.

Ten, Marcus Morris? (Los Angeles Clippers)

This season salary: 15.62 million US dollars (83 league)

Season Statistics: Averaged 8.8 points and 2.8 rebounds, while shooting 35.1%, 23.8% three-point shooting.

Marcus Morris in the Clippers this season, can use a drag to describe rebounds and projected performance figures are the lowest after his rookie year, is looking to do a little labor does not contribute mix their own meaning. Clippers most worried about things that count this year, Maurice and the Clippers still three years more than $ 50 million contract to run.

Nine, Ricky Rubio (Cleveland Cavaliers)

This season salary: 17.8 million US dollars. (Alliance 69)

Season Statistics: Averaged 14.6 points, 6.3 assists and 3.9 rebounds while shooting 36.6%, 35.6% three-point shooting.

Rubio’s career free throw percentage is 84.3 percent, is shooting 39.0 percent, from two years of data, and Rubio style view, he belongs to that kind of shot is very unstable after eating physical confrontation golf business type point guard. After years of practice, and only then Rubio season shooting percentage increased to 40% away.

After age, the core strength against the weak, shooting Rubio has slipped to 35% of the poor a little bit more, blacksmith’s top league level. Then the way, Rubio Knight has come off the bench, and the face of defensive secondary level but more iron, but it says much. Not so much the $ 17.8 million salary value lies Rubio field performance, in fact, it would be better value Knight Rubio to give two young guard core mentor before considering introducing it.

Eight, Kyle Lowry (Toronto Raptors)

This season salary: 26.89 million US dollars. (Alliance forty first)

Season Statistics: Averaged 12.3 points and 7.4 assists and 1.2 steals while shooting 41.9%, 30.6% three-point shooting.

In last year’s offseason, the Heat point guard position for the conduct reinforcement, clean out veteran Dragic introduces another veteran Lori after, put in this position pay more than the quota of about 50%. Perhaps fancy Lori championship experience and have no confidence because the fascia problem can not be guaranteed rate of appearance of feats Dragic, the management before doing such an operation.

Unfortunately, the things that Lori joined the Heat in the state after unsatisfactory, data and one-third are falling sharply. And the same age as the senior point guard Conley, compared to Paul Lowry this season is particularly appear senile, lower payroll cost. However, since the arrival of Lori, the Heat arranged Hero sixth man, who hit appearances were in sixth position on the outbreak of the performance of 20+ people, but also be a pleasant surprise.

Seven, Kevin Love (Cleveland Cavaliers)

This season salary: 31.25 million US dollars. (Twenty-ninth Union)

Season Statistics: Averaged 10.3 points 7.8 rebounds and 1.8 assists while shooting 37.6%, 27.8% three-point shooting.

As a former Cavaliers to win one of the Big Three, Kevin Love Cavaliers after James era can be said to be a nice quite frustrated. Because the sake of rebuilding the team, plus their own and do not have a lot of players to lead the team to the strength of powers, Kevin Love in the new influx of Knight gradually marginalized status, not the past but also because freshman guard the scenario for the ball on the floor hit the ball appeared angry. You know, Kevin Love has always been a gentleman arena.

Under such difficulties, Kevin Love In fact, I would also like to hold their own last year headed to the other team development, rather than in the corner unmanned attention of princes reading. But, because he is quite fast rate of decline is difficult to match the state to pay away 30 million, has also left in the last knight can not go out.

Came this season, as the Cavaliers and Allen Mobley make up the inside the twin towers, Mull Canyon also came knights, Carrefour is reduced squad in the field are mostly to be floating on the outside waiting for someone else to feed the ball to vote vacancy. Carrefour contract in Cleveland to be before the end of the 22/23 season, when he was already 35-year-old veteran. Over time, Carrefour forge ahead corners may already be bald, then I want to have a contract, with the championship, can be considered relatively successful career of it. After being dropped to the bench, Carrefour performance of the season quite terrible, the worst shooting efficiency is almost one year after the entry.

Sixth, Kemba Walker (New York Knicks)

This season salary: 36.01 million US dollars. (League XI)

Season Statistics: Averaged 11.7 points, 3.1 assists and 2.6 rebounds while shooting 42.9%, 41.3% three-point shooting.

Slipped from last season to this season, 19 + 5 12 + 3, if there are setbacks fastest player award, then switch to the Knicks this season, Walker is about the competition.

Cumulative left knee injury and loss caused by the explosive growth of the age, the early years in order to speed quickly, become known to cut Walker, now in the field already pay no aggressive ball performance, but also the only commendable thing is probably his jump ball, one-third are still online.

The defensive side, the Walker has always been a mini guard, after the slow pace of defense level is declining in recent years, apparently became the object is called the pick and roll out RBI. It can be said, at the age of 31, Walker will face restructuring. So Walker, it reminds me of a similar style of play, after thirty rapid decline of the former Eagles star master Teague, but the latter did not peak Walker fierce, and had not won a big contract so cool. For the Knicks, starting back in the end is to get Ross, let Walker continues, it is their task to consider.

V. James Harden (Brooklyn Nets)

This season salary: 44.31 million US dollars (second in the league)

Season Statistics: Averaged 20.3 points, 9.4 assists, 7.9 rebounds and 1.4 steals while shooting 40.6%, 36.2% three-point shooting.

Since the switch to the Nets Rockets, Harden would have never been possible to produce competitive MVP-level performance. Haoshuodaishuo, last season’s super Harden guard, the Nets hit rate is about 25 + 10 + 8 levels as well as seductive 47.1%.

Into the season, Harden positive data continues to decline, individual errors from 4.0 times to surge last season, averaging 5.0 times exaggerated, out of shape in the body is also very
obvious. In a recent game, the Nets came home more bursts of boos own fans boo players after Harden’s own low-level errors, enough to witness the Nets fans highly paid somewhat opinions Harden.

Fourth, Russell Westbrook (Los Angeles Lakers)

This season salary: 44.21 million US dollars (fourth in the league)

Season Statistics: Averaged 20.4 points and 8.7 assists, 7.1 rebounds and 1.3 steals while shooting 43.8%, 31.2% three-point shooting.

If just an ordinary star players to assess the case, such data still barely acceptable. But, if this is the fourth in the league paid player surrendered performance, then obviously overpaid on behalf of the players. Compared to the performance of the rocket, the Wizards era, Wei less to be poor on the part of, the same is averaging close to 5 times higher turnovers.

Experienced significant changes and reinforcing the offseason, the Lakers currently only achieved eighth grades western, less Wei and team chemistry is not good should be one of the main reasons. From the current situation, had split up to go to the Wizards Wei little change of plan should be said that did not achieve the desired results.

Third, Damien Lillard (Portland Trail Blazers)

This season salary: 39.34 million US dollars (eighth in the NBA)

Season Statistics: Averaged 22.0 points 3.8 rebounds and 7.9 assists while shooting 39.9%, 30.3% three-point shooting.

As the official was named to the NBA superstar list of 75 great history active players, Lillard in the early part of this season’s performance can be said to produce surprising, either two points or three-point shooting sight are in severe decline. Because whistled modify the rules, the number of free throws Lillard averaged more obvious decline (7.2 to 4.6).

From the current situation, Lillard also appears to adapt to the new version of the scale of the defense and whistled scale. In addition, the Tokyo Olympic Games in continuous operations, relations with the Blazers became subtle, personal leave rumors, coach Billups dumping more heavy defensive rather than an open attack and other factors are likely to be Lillard performance for the time being retrogressive reason. At present, the Blazers ranked 6th west, away record is 1 win and 9 losses after the Union by, if Lillard adjustment does not come back, the Blazers this season is destined to go too far.

Second, Kyrie Irving (Brooklyn Nets)

This season salary: 35.32 million US dollars (League XVIII)

Season Statistics: None appearances.

Owen obviously can play a special case but can not be played this season, there is concern of most NBA fans already know and have their own views on the stand. Because the individual will not want to be vaccinated with the New York home and the home team the Nets conflicting demands on the players, Owen can not play the Nets home games.

Because the team could not willing to accept a coming and going between the host and guest star players, so Owen and the Nets will form a deadlock. From the current situation it seems, is willing to find disk access Owen’s next home is the Nets priority. To measure the angle of the low paid, Owen can definitely enter the list this season, because he brings to the team is a zero contribution. If you take into account the level of morale, Owen could still make a negative contribution.

First, John Wall (Houston Rockets)

This season salary: USD 44.31 million (third in the league)

Season Statistics: None appearances.

In the highly paid players he did not play in addition to the whole child of Owen and helplessness of the Nets, when the number of Wal-rocket with the parent team of the most special. Because the current Wall body can play in the match, but the rocket is no longer necessary to enter the reconstruction of the Wall it. As a guest-host model good terms in recent years, the Wall before the game with the Rockets with a season executives attended the press conference, announced that the Wall will not be playing for the Rockets players but will serve as mentors for the team, and Wal-rocket will go as soon as the transaction.

After the Wizards got the contract price and enter a long period sidelined with injuries, the Wall of the contract is regarded as poison contract outside world. After being traded to the Rockets last season, back on the court after about Wal show back about six or seven of peak performance, the objective is sorry high salary.

Came this season, the Rockets backcourt to train young players is not small, Walter is not very good shot. Ever since, they made a decision on the first continue to raise the white Volta good. If last season’s Wall is the low paid, then the current Wall should be playing in, but the scope of energy-paying zero, the natural leader of the list. As to how Wall subsequent whereabouts, need time to answer.


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