Aspen newspaper: If Mbappé leaves the team for free next year, Paris wants to waive Cristiano Ronaldo

According to Tomas Roncero, the editor-in-chief of Real Madrid, Paris Saint-Germain is ready to accept the fact that Mbappé will leave Paris for free next year because nothing can change his mind.

And if Mbappé leaves Paris next year, Paris will sign Ronaldo, and Ronaldo’s contract will expire next year, so that Ronaldo, Messi and Neymar will play in Paris at the same time. This is also the golden ball in 2015. Award voting for the top three.

Roncero said that Ronaldo’s agent, Mendes, is already discussing related topics. Ronaldo will be 37 years old by then. He will join Paris and sign for 2 years, after which he will choose to go to the United States or Qatar.

At yesterday’s press conference, Paris chairman Aljelefi emphasized: “Mbappé hopes to have a competitive lineup, and now he has no excuses.” Real Madrid are not surprised by this, because they said that “Mbappé is a clear-headed child and will not change his mind because of these threats. We are very calm about this.”


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