At the same district, the enemy changed to the coming team, he almost ruined the AB career but evaluated himself.

NFL allows the enemy to become friends.

Line Wi-von Titz – Bellevate and External Hand Antonio – Brown once given the Sinnati Tiger and Pittsburgh Steelman is the dead enemy of Mei Lianbei District, and the two teams have dedicated some quite rude competitions.

Now the two have joined the Auckland raid to become a teammate.

After signing the contract, Baked was asked with Brown to become a teammate.

“Everything is very good,” Buffette said. He is a great player. One day he will enter the celebrities. Hone other words, I will say hello to him with other teammates, introduce yourself, come up with all friendly moves, there is no unpleasant thing. We are in the same Team. We strive to win the champion here …. Hone other words, we may be the closest friends in the team, do you know what I mean? So, the past has passed, I can’t wait to see him. “

If you make a highlight of the most dirty impact of Baked, it may be the most fierce impact on Brown. You can say that the impact of Brown injured caused the steel man to lose the championship.

Baked is called a dirty player like others: “I am not a dirty player. I am playing a position that needs physical confrontation. I can’t play home after playing. If I am too soft, I have not done my job. “

The raid people want to give Belcht a chance to let him re-vain after a disappointment season. The raid people want him to re-and defensive coordinator Paul – Gangsea can help him.

After years of confrontation experience, quickly repair the relationship shows that as long as the goal is a super bowl of champion, it will not be forgotten.


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