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Original title: Serie A League Stop, Prime Minister Italy: No reason to continue

[Wen / Observer Network Deng Rui] Italian Prime Minister Kongt announced on the 9th local time, since the 10th began to implement “Fengcheng” ban in the country and stop all sports events until April 3. This also includes a Series League in one of the five major European League.

Therefore, Beijing time today (10th) The contest of Sasolo and Bresia (3: 0) in the early morning, became the last game of Serie A before April 3.

It is worth noting that the Italian striker Francesko Capoto in Sasolo took out a note to comfort and urged the fans: “Everything will be fine. Please stay at home.”

The AFP reported that after a few hours of the competition, Kongt announced the “Fengcheng” ban. He said when talking about the sports competition, “(The current situation) has no reason to let any game continue, I am sorry, but all fans should pay attention to this.”

In fact, before this, Serie A League has been delayed because of the epidemic, and the National Debby (Juventus VS International Milan) is also arranged in empty space competition.

However, Italy’s domestic increasingly severe epidemic has made it get better and higher. The Italian Football Association, Damiano Tommasi, said in the tweet, “Now stopping football is the most useful thing for our country.” The Italian Olympic Committee gives Kongt’s suggestion “to stop all sports project”.

Today, the Serie A League has become a fact that it is “progressive problem” in front of the Series Alliance. According to this season schedule, Serie A will then end on May 24, while the European Cup will fight on June 13. If the degree of extension is serious, Serie A is likely to complete all the events before the start of the European Cup, and it affects the provincial national team preparations.

However, the Prime Minister Italy did not mention the Italian team to participate in international competitions. At present, Meetoustat, Atlanta and Naples are fighting the European Champions League, and the International Milan, Rome is in the arms of the Europa.

It is an urgent need to solve it in front of you, which is the arrangement of these maillot de Mbappe teams. Juventus will meet the French team on March 17. The International Milan will fight the Spanish team Herti on the 12th, and Rome will meet Spanish team Seville on the 17th.

But so far, there is no official information whether it is European Poetle or Italy.

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