Baltimo Jinjie This season is not bad, and the days of continuously become the fisherman, also makes the team’s bad emotions, now this is already an open question. This problem has been challenged from the Washington National Team. This issue has turned out again; there is a lens capture, the team relay pitcher Richard Blair (Richard Bleier) and the State Coach Jose – David Flor Jose David Flores rushed loudly in the seating area, during the period!That game Jinjian team lost to the National Team 4-8, the National Team, Max Scherzer, also reached a feat of the season of 200. This scene of Brewle and Florece quarrel is in the fifth game, and the content of their quarrel is the arrangement of team ownership officers.According to the “Baltimore Charm” report, Blair is very depressed in the emergence of quarrels. “I think I just make frustration,” Blair said, “We just quarrel some things about the game, I think maybe it is a defensive position. I think I can do better, to control my mouth But unfortunately, I seem to say something wrong, and others have seen it. “Before the quarreling broke out, Blair was in the fifth game, and he did not change the battle of the team; although I solved a player, he was hit out of the 4 security, throwing 3 points, and he is like this After the difference is, it is replaced. “Everyone is an adult, I don’t have anyone who is angry.” Blair said after the game.Such a relay expression is obviously bad, and this, the “Sun Daily” interviewed the Brandon Hyde. “I think they have the differences in some defensive positions in the game,” Hyde said, “For me, he is too short to wait for it in the hands of the hill, he is too early. But in him After that, I didn’t exchange him with him. “However, Hyde himself has fallen into a quarrel. Two weeks ago, the team was lost to the New York team, and the team Heavy gun was Christ Davis. Vistein’s emotions, otherwise the development of the developments is unimaginable.Many emotions broke out, and the roots were all because of the hard work of the golden team. In the case of the Jianlian East District Haoqiang, Yang Biece has taken the way, the radiance is actively impacting the outer card, the reddock team is still in hope, the Blue Bird team also saw the future of the future, and Only Jinyu team seems to be in the rebuild, the deeper is getting deeper …”Now, we may have no exciting for the game, teammates.” Blair said frankly, “But I believe we can get out of this shadow, return to a good relationship.”However, from Blair’s speech, it is difficult to read the ambition of the dilemma, more is more sigh for the stipulations.


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