Barcelona or starting to rebuild, or replace the door god, has quoted more than 10 million years to launch Domarua

Barcelona is now being rebuilt, the team is interested in replacing the gods, and they aim at Dana Ram, and have quoted the annual salary of 10 million, and recruit Dolua with high salary. Dana Rome has been called a genius door. At the age of 15, it shows a super talent, and there is also a good performance in the game.

Subsequently, he will transfer to AC english me newsMilan. During the team, Donar Rama has always been conscientious, but his career does not have a smoothness, and it has not been able to become the team’s main player for many years. Rent out. This did not change the love of Donaruma against football, and eventually did not have condition to join Trollis. In 2017, Donaru Ma is re-AC Milan, the four-year contract, which proved himself in the game and became the main door of the team.

The contract between Dona Ramama and AC Milan this summer will expire. Dana bre4aking news Ramma is unintentional and AC Milan, will then become a free player, Dana Ramma is very popular in the free market, Barcelona Olive branches have been thrown to him, and the annual salary is 10 million, so high salary is full of temptation to Donarua. Barcelona is now being rebuilt, and the team has introduced many young players, but the process of rebuilding is full of twists.

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The record of Barcelona this season is not very ideal. Barcelona is now trying to replace the gods. Barcelona is now Tedtgen. He www todays news com is far less than the influence of injuries. Barcelona is far less than the team. In the future, I decided to sign Donar Rama. Dana Ram is now 31 years old. It is the most mature age of career. He has been in contact with Barcelona, ??but Barcelona wants to sign a 5-year contract with him. It means Dana Rome launched the end of the career in Barcelona.

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