Beast gold sentence reforms the rivers and lakes! Linqi returned to the sea eagle for the first time to interview 12 seconds

December 26 (Wen / ESPN BRADY Henderson Compile / Love) The most fried news before the 17th week is undoubtedly “Beast Run” Marshawn Lynch, Marshawn Lynch. In the case of the team running guards, this star running the unfinitely surprised star is strong, and there are countless ball tears.

Of course, there is also his famous “short interview” with Linqi, just when many people are curious about the first interview after returning, Lynch did not let everyone down, he is still the one “Cherish the word like gold” running guards. “Happy holidays.” Lin Qi said, “I wish you a happy new year, you will have a good day, I feel awesome, thank you.”


Lin Qi is still the silent lingerie, this time he has also passed the “return feeling very good”. The Hawks hope that the 33-year-old veteran is still an efficient runner, although he has not participated in the NFL competition for more than a year. Last week, the sea eagle lost the first to race to KRIS Carson and replacement running guard CJ-Prosise, plus the previously reimbured La Sahe (Rashaad Penny) ), The sea eagle has been available in the running guard!

In the last round of the regular season in this week, their opponents were still 49 people in San Francisco. This will determine the competition of the two teams, and the Hawks want to win. In addition to Linqi, the Hawowi also signed another Robert Turbin, which is the Robert Turbin.

“He is an extraordinary person.” Pete Carroll said that Lin Qi said that this star running in 2010-2015 is spent in the sea eagle, and with the sea The eagle rises and famous sounds. “He experienced so much, we understand him, understand what he can bring, how he can take out. He can provide a lot of help, he is the most distinctive player I have ever seen, and I have seen it. The best athletics. So when you bring such a person into the team, this will only help us. “

In fact, the Hawks signed back Lin Qi is not the head of the mind, and in a few months, they have always paid attention to the dynamics of Lynch, preparing for emergency conditions. When Peni is reimbursed in the 14th week, Linqi returned to the sea eagle to rise; when Carson and Prose were injured, such scrutts will be streamed. Lin Qiji has conducted a trial and medical examination before signing up on Monday. He practiced with the team on Tuesday. In the list of teams, the weight of Lynch is 215 pounds, which is the same as the body weight of the Hawks the last season.

“We will find how to use his method.” Carol said, “Although he has no game for some time, he looks very good; when we see him for the first time, his state is great. He dropped the weight, under a good state, he was very seriously prepared to welcome this opportunity. Sometimes, bad things will open a door on the other hand, this kind of income. He is already ready to use this opportunity to see what he will do to help us. “

When asked about what is expected to Lynch and Tiapin, Carol is still more practical. He gives a strong suggestion, that is, the two will not bear the heavy responsibility. Carol said that the team will rely on a rookie to run to Tel Avis Hoimis Homer, before the injury of Peni, Huo is the team’s fourth running guard, in the last week, he became a team The only healthy running guard, 5 shock contributes 16 yards.

“I hope they can contribute,” Carol said, “But Travis is ready, he knows all tactics, he is following our training all year, he is ready to do one And he preached very well before the game. We rely on him because of his toughness, speed and insight. We are very happy to have such a chance, he has already hosted, just take a few days, he can change I have a heavy weapon. “

There is only 6 players in the sea eagle to be Lynch’s old teammates, respectively, Sausell Wilson, Line Wagner and KJ-Wright (KJ Wright), External hand Taylor-Lockett, close-end Willson and newly signed guests.

When Wagner was asked if Lynch was still Lynch, his answered is affirmative. “I am absolutely think so, what can this guy can do.” Wagner said, “I am very happy that he can come back, I am very happy to see him holding the ball, as long as he put on the jersey, wear armor, no matter How long is it, no one has stopped him! “

After the last battle, the Haiye may become the 1, 2, 3 or 5 seeds of the National Union. It depends on the results of their and 49 people, as well as the final record of the package workers and the saints. Normally, if the Hawks will succeed, they will choose the first defense, but the line Wei Lite said that they may have to break once this week, because he wants to see the moment of Lynch, there will be noise.

When the question and Lin Qi returned to the Hawks fans, Carol said: “To tell the truth, I don’t feel unexpected, and he influence many people here, and many people who like the Hawks. He Very special, I am happy with the fan, I hope they can enjoy it. “


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