Beijing time October 31, 08:08, the big alliance ball season is about to come to an end, the first six games in the 2019 World Competition (World Series) have become a big score 3-3, and enter the seventh game. The Washington National Team continues to be passenger Houston, hoping to defeat the space team. This game will determine who is the big winner of the ball. Will live live on this game, welcome fans to watch.Battle reviewThe three away from the World Competition will take the victory, and it is called “Houston National Team”. The main line of the national is really excellent in the Sai Juyuan Stadium, and the three games will win more than 15 more (the first battle 5-4, the first battle 12-3). Especially behind the big score 2-3, facing the sixth battle of desperation, relying on the ace Stephen – Strasberger 8.1 bureau blocking the spaceman line, help the team 7-2 to win the death battle. On the seventh game, the National Team is only a step away from the team’s first world contest.And the space people returned to the home, always playing too anxious, always falling into the strange circle of missing opportunities, the sixth battle, there is a situation under the situation (RISP, that is, the number of two bases or the three-finals) is 4 Branch 0. The first battle is 12 3, the second battle is 5 0. Their ace pitcher Justine-Willand continues the world contest to win the co-circle of victory, swallow the second failure of this World Competition in the sixth battle.Game pointIn the top six games in the World Competition, the visiting team was taken by the team. This is the first series in a series of games in the history of the three sports alliances in North America. If the national will win, the first time to win the four victories in the history of the Great League. If the spaceman can break this hunt for this home court, it will be the second time in the history of the team. In addition, the spaceman sent a number of high-quality rookie transactions to the big spendlers Zach-Granki, which can be successful.First firingNational team first pitcher: Max-Xie ZelThe space team first pitcher: Zach-GrankiThe national owners sent a trunk, Max Scherzer, served. The 35-year-old Saiyang Award is originally issued in the fifth battle of the series, but due to the incompetence of the temporary body without playing. Although he lost two points in the world’s competition, he lost two points, but it was quickly stabilized and lost, and finally 5 bureau got the victory. Xie Zel did not taste the 5 times in the playoffs this year.The Space Strong Pitcher is Zack Greinke. The 36-year-old right shot four times in the playoffs first, and did not taste the taste. He only took the 4.2 bureau in the third battle in the World Competition, so there is no qualification, but this old style can still steady scene, although it is knocked on 7 suppliers and 3 times, but still only lost one point, Help the team to win.Focus starThe National Star Three Square Anthony Renzen (Anthony Rendon) is in the sixth battle, which is a 29-year-old, a single game that is responsible for the third stick, 3 security, one-time security, 5 points, https://www.mlbboutique2.comspace people pitcher I have no way to take him.Juan Soto, a young superstar that is just a 21-year-old, is responsible for the national fourth great. The left out of the wilderman bombard Virlands in the sixth battle, and the key home base of the leader was sent out, which is also the 5th bombing of his playoffs.Space people two bases, Jose Altuve, the performance of 5 games in this World Competition is quite excellent, and there are 9 additional security. But he was obviously too impatient in the sixth battle, eventually only a high flying sacrifice got a point. The continuous lax records in the playoffs have not continued, staying in 25 games, ranking third in history.The space is the best in this World Competition or is the “Chun Ge” George – Spring. The man born with the world contest is very difficult to solve for the national pitcher. 6 battles sent 6 long hits, including two home runs and 4 second bases, and also selected 6 guarantees.


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