Big Paris is so arranged in Messi, the Champions League stable?

Original title: Big Paris is so arranged Messi, the Champions League stable?

Big Paris is so arranged in Messi, the Champions League stable?

Single 3 assists, Messi Middle Road is simply invincible!

We look at the Saint Etien Arrangement Arrangement:

Mbpe single forward, Nemaar, Di Mia left right, Messi returned to midway.

Messi got huge ball, the middle of the middle activities is too big!

This game is in the offense, how do you use Western? Poshenno fully found the Camisetas Parisanswer.

Messi only needs to flash flash, whether it is going to go, or a assists, it is enough to destroy each other.

Laurato’s lack of latise, Lautlo is kicking in the Argentine team, Mbpe should be played in Paris! Sacrifice personal data to achieve the Champions League.

Take a look at the Champions League to Mangcheng:

In this game, Manchester City, Garris, Debrah did not have a discount, while large Paris latent.

Messi right, Mbpe Middle Road, Nahaza Road.

Messi’s assists is a lucky ball, not a true assists.

Messi is not much in this game, this is an fundamental core problem!

Global is also reasonable, and Manchester City is hard to lose.

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Last recommendation:

Mbpe should eat cakes, Messi can be the role of Debrau, you can also try to shoot the door, this is the rhythm of being just a mother.

Of course, this role in Big Paris is more comfortable than Barcelona, ??and the strength of Big Paris is currently awesome.

Posheno asks Messi to die in Middle Road, give the ball, leading offense! Mbpe specially goes into the ball, Ningmao specializes in the strongest opportunity, other people work together, who is playing in Big Paris?

Of course, the age is old, I hope that Messi’s deep defense is definitely a limited physical strength. It is necessary to have more people to open the barrier to protect. Mbpe must sacrifice, after all, too young, physical strength!Return to Sohu, see more


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