Braddy clearly said that it is not retired! The patriot coach is vague, and it is called now that it cannot be decided.

January 6 (Wen / ESPN Mike Reiss Compilation / White) Local Time On January 4th, the new England patriots lost to Tennesi Toyan at home in the playoffs, which may be the end of the Patriot Dynasty, and maybe Tom – Braddy in the last game of Patriots. However, after the game, Braddy said he would not retire, he will return to NFL in 2020 and play his 21st season.

Regarding the future of 42-year-old Brundi, and whether he will return to the patriot next season, it is a hot topic that has emerged from the Mosausus of Ballum, 14-33 in the playoffs on January 10, 2010. At present, Braddy’s contract expires. He will become a free player after the end of the season, and because of the particularity of the contract, the patriot cannot give him a privileged label, so people have said to Brradi’s future.

After the game, when I was asked if I was still eager to continue to fight NFL, Bradi said: “I love Patriot, this is a great team, I have been in Robert, Clavit, and Bill, these years. Lutchike coach played down. I want to say, no one can have a wonderful career, because it can work with them, it is a lot of luck. I can’t retreat, who knows what will be like? Let this question soon. “

Since 2012, the Patriot has lost the playoffs for the first time. At the same time, Braddy’s break is earlier than in previous years. Before the game, the fans of the Foxburg Gillette Stadium shouted “Braddy! Braddy! Braddy!” There are still many people who have tribute to him, one of them writes “Don’t go, Tommy”.

“I thank the fans, everything they did, not only this year, but all in these twenty years.” Braddy said: “I am very grateful to the team this year for the support of my career. I am very grateful. I hope that I have been doing the right thing. I don’t know what will happen in the future. I will not predict. I love football, I like to play for this team, I have been playing more than 20 years, winning a lot of games. “

After 12 hours of losing to Titan, the patriot main coach Piltick was also interviewed in the morning, and the media most concerned about the problem or Braddy’s stay. Breddy is one of the two players who are willing to become a free player. In addition, there are special team captains Matthew-Slat, Line-giggi-Collins, Kyle Vanoi and Made Joe-Tuni, etc. . But Braddy with the greatest quartzensitating status than these people is definitely prioritized. But Bilick said that it is not to talk about Braddy in the future.

“I believe that there will be many problems in the future, but no one is still considering the future.” Bilchk said. He was asked by a bunch of journalists with a lot of problems and appeared. Billych said he didn’t know when to start discussing the future of Braddy. “To be honest, I know, just like many other things, the problem is there, I know so much. I have listened to 50 similar questions. I told you what my position is. So you plan to ask these 50 questions to ask 50 times? We have been studying Tennesi Toyan, now the game has been in the past 12 hours, I will not talk about the future, because I don’t want to talk about it. “

Although Bilipk said not to talk, but he can’t hold a reporter and a question, Bilchk said he took a time. “Tom is the soul of this team, no one is more respectful than me. But I want to make appropriate communication and thinking before making a decision, there are a lot of things I have to consider.” Bilipk said: “But any Decided nothing to say something, there are other people to participate. The team is not what I said, I hope you can understand. “

Now that the patriots have ended, the break is coming in advance, and this issue will always be the biggest hot topic of NFL before Braddy. As for whether Brradi will return to the patriot, or if Billy Check is staying, everything has not been contained. Because the whole world is thinking about a question – Is the Patriot Dynasty really touched this Thai?


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