Brown offensive group suffered heavy losses! Beckham took over the season-ending torn cruciate ligament

October 27 News (text / ESPN compile / Ouyang) Cleveland Browns official confirmation, outside a small team star wide receiver Odell – David Beckham left anterior cruciate ligament tear, the season. Prior to the end of the seventh week of the NFL regular season, the Cleveland Browns 37-34 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals in the same district rivals, the team record rose to 5-2, from the top of the Steelers only one wins. Win for Brown, it should be a happy thing, but Beckham pulled out of the race on the first section allows the team this season outlook becomes uncertain.

Cleveland aspects confirm Beckham after the game had an MRI showed that the player suffered a torn left anterior cruciate ligament injuries. In the first game of this partition civil war, Brown quarterback Mayfield Beckham’s ball was passed to the Tigers 23 steals horn David Phillips, Beckham injured in the back on defense when trying to grapple.

“There is no doubt that this is a great loss, Beckham is an important part of our team. Now we have to work closely together and find ways to make up for his absence vacancies. But you can never use only a the player will be able to replace him in the role of the court, which requires several people, this is the face of our current challenge. “Stefanski so when it comes to coach Brown after the game talking about Beckham newspaper.

But in the end after David Beckham, Mayfield rebound quickly from 5 pass 0 in the state, the players completed a record 21 consecutive passes and five touchdowns. In 赛后梅菲尔德 also because of his bad pass led to David Beckham injured and actively embrace responsibility. “I may be a long time to spur their own, he is a team of injured is really too bad.”

Mayfield said that Beckham told myself at halftime to perform well. Mayfield did not let down in the second half of the fourth quarter of that game, Mayfield completed a record three times directly transmitted to the end zone touchdowns. Mayfield is also released after the game dynamic, it represents the victory also dedicated to David Beckham. Also a wide receiver Jarvis Brown – Landry in college and David Beckham is on his teammates, he also social media support to transfer Beckham.

Since the March 2019 Brown was traded to the New York Giants, Beckham has been plagued by injuries. In last year’s training camp, Beckham suffered a hip and groin injuries, which also allowed the entire season has been affected, but even so, he completed a one thousand yards last season.

So far this season, Beckham 23 times to get the ball 319 yards and three touchdowns, while running ball end, Beckham red balls 3 plus 72 yards to get a touchdown.


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