Champions League Countertime: Juventus VS Zenite, can the old woman return to Zenite?

Based on the Spanish media reports, Barcelona President La Porta will reach Qatar recently, and discuss Harvey at the Sad High. At present, Barcelona has already dismissed Caman, requiring a high-teach of virtue and abundance, led the team to continue, and Harvey is the best bollywood result choice. From last week, Barcelona officially begins to prepare the corresponding signing matters. It is reported that both parties have reached a verbal, and they will be finalized.

But the variables are coming, and the Catai Media Esports3 pointed out that Alzad is likely to determine the future of Harvey this Thursday. Considering that Harvey and the Alzad high-level relationship is excellent, the high level of Barcelona does not need to pay 5 million euros of breach of contract. It is also because of this idea, Barcelona President La Port Tower did not even go to Qatar, he just sent several executives to replace themselves. Recently, Aldaard has ended a game, and the two clubs have held a dinner and dialogue on Harvey. “Daily Sports” pointed out that the two sides did not reach a unified advice, and the first meeting had ended.india today english Barcelona doesn’t want to pay 5 million euros of default for Harvey, but tend to compensate for each other with the Alzad kicking.

Barcelona is still facing the financial crisis. La Porta is impossible to give Harvey high year salary. Harvey returns to Barcelona. Harvey led Sad in the league, no one can gain a lot of tournaments, but Sad and Barcelona are different, Barcelona is currently in the autumn, and Barcelona’s current personnel reserves cannot be compared with other giants, mumbai bank official killed although Harvey can In the Qatar League, he won a big small 7 champion trophy, but this can’t prove that he will continue to succeed in the Spanish League.

The tactical concept of Harvey is still transmitted to football. During his own player, Harvey requested the players to have speeds and can utilize the venue width. This is also why Harvey proposes the reasons for the introduction of Sterling in the high level of Barcelona. At present, Barcelona’s lineup is difficult to meet Harvey’s tactical requirements. The old team will not guarantee the speed, and the young players lack experience, the ability to fight against the ability, Kutniordi’s strong players are not suitable for Harvey Transfer football. Now the player of Barcelona is configured, and the football concept with Harvey is lacking. When Harvey arrived in Barcelona, ?the hindu tamil live news?he would find that he must give up the concept of conveying football.

In fact, Barcelona’s high-level dismissal Caman just made him a deceived sheep, even if Harvey will conduct a team, and cannot change Barcelona’s status quo. Harvey’s advantage is that the prestige is very high, the status is respected, all fans and players will respect the team merits, the media and the high-level will be more tolerant, after all, these are the advantages of DNA, but DNA does not represent results, those superstition DNA The team is now struggling.

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