Chauus Yang: I believe I am the best rookie effort in this year’s continued excellence in the professional alliance.

Cai Susi

Cai Susi

CHASE YOUNG has no doubt.

Asked whether the ESPN reporter asked whether he thought he was the strongest rookie in this year, Yang did not hesitate to give an answer.

“Yes, of course.” Yang said, “I know that I am best, no doubt.”

Yang Yuyi is an extremely prominent member of Ohio State University. Although he was absent from two games due to the punishment of the ban, he was still completed 16.5 times, 58 times to the four-point guard, 46 times.

Due to the influence of the epidemic, this selection will be carried out in a full virtual manner. All players who participate in the draft are also stayed in their own home. Yang said that he was very disappointed with this change, because he is looking forward to the experience of being called after the name.

Whether it is a champion, Yangdu said it will work hard to continue its excellent performance in the professional alliance.

Yang said: “Every player will work hard to rule the competition, I will work hard to continue to rule the stage performance in the next level. But I will keep humility, listen to the guidance, and strive to honor the talents.”


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