Cheer! Kohinsin hit the world’s leader, the scene is full of sweating

On December 2, Beijing time, NBA regular match Buck pair, Cousins
??welcomed the first show. In the first half, I have been playing 6 minutes and 16 seconds, I got 2 points and 1 rebound 1 assists 1 steals, hit the talents.

In the face of the defending champion, the bee is getting crazy. The entire first quarter, the bucket bounced 41 points, which is the biggest loss of the first quarter of the star this season. The main reason why the Hornet can bomb 41 points is that they are three points, and the whole team is in three minutes.

What is terrible is that the wasp is not only alone, but the 10 points are thrown by 7 people, but can say more flowers.

In this case, the second section came up, Cousins ??was sent to the field, and he also ushered in the first show of the Bucks. Previously, he signed a non-contracted contract with the Buli. If Cossins have not been cut off at 5 o’clock next year, Cousins ??has not been cut, and his $ 2 million contract will be transformed into a guarantee contract. This prior to the prince will pay about $ 58,000 salary.

After Cosin, I quickly got the opportunity to get out of the outside, and I received a breakthrough back of the letter brother, but he
did not greed, born to the opportunity to better Allen, the latter three-point hit.

In the game, I have been playing for about 2 minutes. Cousins ??was replaced, sitting under the field, he was already sweating, visible to the degree of input. It is worth mentioning that before the end, Kesin Sustain assists Allen’s three points, but unfortunately, the teammates have no big vacancies.

There are still 2 minutes and 31 seconds left, Cousins ??once again. 50.8 seconds left, Cousins ??broke through the basket, hit the best of the kings, and the audience was cheering, and the teammates also stood up for him.


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