Chinese men’s basketball team Xi’an fly to Japan, the basketball team outsourcing, Dahan bullying Sun Mingshi!

Chinese men’s basketball team Xi’an to Japan
The first window of the World Cup is the Chinese men’s basketball team, the Japanese men’s basketball team, only the last 3 days, the Chinese men’s basketball team passed through a short training, and has left the Ningbo Beilun Sports Training Base on November 22. This time, “China Basketball Team” took a photo of many men’s basketball team, including Au, Zhao Jiwei, Xu Jie, and head coach Du Feng appeared in the lens.
However, according to the “China Basketball Team”, the men’s basketball team is not directly from Beilun, but it is necessary to rush from Beilun to Xi’an, and then this morning, all members of the Chinese men’s basketball team will fly to Japan tokyo, flight time is 4 Time or so. However, the Chinese men’s basketball team and the Japanese men’s basketball team will be held in Sendai, Japan, and after the Chinese men’s basketball team arrived in Tokyo, I
need to take more than 5 hours of bus to Sendai, and arrived in Japan. Sendai is about 10 o’clock.
Basketball outsourcing
The Chinese men’s basketball team departed from Xi’an and went to Japan and the Japanese men’s basketball team. Recently, China’s Basketball Association also announced a heavy news. The Basketball Association released an advertisement on the official website, announced the official Weibo of China Basketball Association and the WeChat public account, and the budget fund for the Chinese Basketball Association is 960,000 yuan, the requirements given by the Basketball Association are the operation management of the official Weibo and WeChat public number of the Basketball Association, including account content, section planning, production, typography and other work.
I believe that many fans are more confused, is there a Basketball team not with independent operation of official Weibo and WeChat public account? In fact, since Yao Ming’s chairman of the Basketball Association, he has been admiring professional people to do professional things. Operating the official account of the Operations, actually requires very professional knowledge, but also know how to typeset, design and other work, believe in the official website After the account outsourcing, it will give Chinese fans better experience.
Dahan bullying Sun Minghua
On the 22nd, the Chinese men’s basketball team started from Beilun Sports Training Base, and the photos from “China Basketball Team” we can find that the players are all spiritual, and the Angdu salad is completely turned into a man, and the whole person is very handsome. . Zhao Jiwei has been busy taking your own baggage, Zhang Tanglin and Sun Mingshi are very good, and the two have always been a smile. Wu is a warm man, and for the signature request of the fans, Wu Qi is almost a must.
However, from the angle that the fans took, the men’s basketball team showed different sides. When they boarded, Han Dunnun has been “bullying” Sun Mingshi, he has been playing with Sun Minghui, Han Dejun can be a 2 meter 15 High, weighing nearly 300 pounds, Sun Minghui is light, natural is not an opponent, after bullying Sun Mingshi, Han Dejun also grabbed Sun Mingshi’s hand and did not let Sun Mingbleo still hand, have to say that the Chinese men’s basketball team is really too All right.
Chinese men’s basketball team to Japan, reach Japan Sendai takes nearly 9 hours, still very hard. The Basketball Association out of the official Weibo and the official WeChat public account, believe that the fans will enjoy a more professional experience in the future. Although the Chinese men’s basketball team went to Japan, although it was very hard, the national team’s teammates have been talking and laughing. Everyone taking hard, I believe that the Chinese men’s basketball team will not be a problem.


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