Code king crowned! NFL great four-point guard for Espy the best breakdown record performance award

July 11th, although the New Orleans Saint Squad 4 points Drew Brees failed to refer to the second dramatic cup of personal career last season, this is not hindering him to become the entire NFL history. One of the greatest quarters.

The last season Dru-Bris broke the number of four-point guards in PEYTON Manning, and became the history of the NFL password number. Such a performance made him more fans’ favorite, at this year’s Espy awards ceremony, he rely on the annual Break record performance award of the award ceremony with this record!

Bris won the ESP annual Break Record Performance Award.

Bris won the ESP annual Break Record Performance Award.

Another three athletes who were nominated with Brisses have achieved breakthrough personal achievements in the past year. Sabrina Ionescu has become a history of women’s basketball, “three pairs of kings”; Klay Thompson from NBA Golden State Warriors is refreshed in 14 trumber. The NBA single field has a record number of records; there is also a rising sprint new star “White Light” Matthew Matthew Boling, he broke the US high school hundred meters short run.

Compared with these three, it is obvious that Bris’s achievements are more favored by fans. Beijing Time October 10, 2018, in a fifth week of the NFL regular season, the Saints team fight against the Red Leather team, everyone knows Bris’s probability to complete great in this game. Achievement. Sure enough, Bris built a 62-yard pass to Daguan line, breaking the 71940 yards of Pedon-Manning’s 71940 yards in the NFL history, became new in NFL history. Passing the king!

This game is also one of the best competitions in Brischers in 18 years of career. He 299.99.7%, passed the 363 yards and 3 times, and the quarterfire is 153.2 points. This recorded night, the whole game and even global eyes are focused on this achievement of a man, and the Espy’s awards ceremony let people revisit the great scene that makes people who are very exciting.

Briser broke the quadruption of Patton-Manning held in the last season.

Briser broke the quadruption of Patton-Manning held in the last season.

In 2001, Buris, Purdue University, was selected in the second round of the first step (the total number 32) was selected by the flash, and the time of San Diego spent 5 years. In 2006, the Lightning Team was selected to support the “Great River” Phillip Rivers, and given up this small number of small children with a height of only 6 feet; they won’t think that this decision will build Bris and New Orleans. The fate of this city.

In 2006, Bris and Xin Shuo Shaen Pedon have no time, the pass number of passed is increased from 3576 yards in 2005 to 4418 yards! They brought new vitality for the Saints. In the past few years, the Saint team turned into a leader of the league. Brisse also completed the great achievements in his career in 2009. He led the team to defeat the pony team leading to Big Manning, and won the super bowl, and he also got the superb bowl of MVP.

Before Heris returned to the field, Bris didn't know if there is still a chance to touch the super bowl again.

Before Heris returned to the field, Bris didn’t know if there is still a chance to touch the super bowl again.

Time, 18 years have passed, the millennium’s white boy has become a “four-year old man” in ten years of the league. However, it is a persistent pursuit of Bris, and for victory. Determine determination. The current Saint team strong Ma Zhuang, the next year or two is the best time to compete in the super bowl, or can be said to be the last opportunity of Briscity to touch the superbit. I hope that this has been able to achieve the ultimate elite player, and wear the second super bowl of the championship in his personal career!


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