Cowboy on Thursday Night Race Llaiso Kuper Prescott: We will not give up

Dallas Cowboys lost 9-19 in the game yesterday, but their coach Michacatki said that the very happy team This week’s game is Thursday night – I have the opportunity to end the atmosphere of the global. But short break means that there is no external pickup, it is available, and the iron man’s CD-Rum has Amari-Cooper may sit in this week, sit in the replacement after the whistle.

The problem of Cooper is a new crown. He was listed in the new crown last weekend, as a player who did not vaccinated, he was the first to go to the top. Rum has a brain shock in the game lost to the chief, but also has to go through the lowest observation time. If you can’t get it, Thursday night will be the first exact competition in Lanmare, and the competition for the anae is also the first time Cooper since 2018.

In the press conference after the game, McCarti did not disclose Lamin’s related information, but the team’s four-point guards Prescott said that Lamo did not have an occasion, “he will be fine.”

With the emirate competition, Lamm won the 14 yards three times, the second section of the one of the blocks in the section, Lammard landed, and the midfield came back to the locker room.

If Lamb and Cooper can’t beat, then the impact of the cowboy will be very huge. At present, Lamb accumulates the up to 50 batches in the team, with 740 yards and six times, Cooper has 44 games 583 yards and five times.

Although Cooper did not inoculate the vaccination because of his own cause, it was lacking two games, but Dack and McCarthy did not have too many complaints to him. “That is my teammate, my brother, I support his decision, he will help the team after returning”. “

At the end of the game, Dack’s passed the goal of Michael-Golp, Sedrik Wilson and Noa-Brown, in the absence of Lanm and Cooper, only 216 yards in Dak 42 passed. For the competition of the emigen, until finally the ball is over.

Before Sunday and Emirates, the number of codes and scores of cowboy were first, but they were suppressed by the defensive group of the chief to do not reach. There is no Dack’s cowboy, and the last thing happened to be traced back to December 2019, when the eagle 9-17 lost.

Dack also expressed his determination after the game, “I didn’t be discouraged. I just angry myself. We have a team with strength. We must make bad states in the past. From last week, We have learned a lot, we can also become better. “


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