Depth analysis of Super Bowl: game-winning Rams mistakes or will have the last laugh

In a high level of American football game, the fans will be thrilled to flash turn maneuvers ball forward running back, quarterback and wide receiver will be to complete a beautiful air connections and hit section of applause. However, Tao Te Ching goes, and whether with a different name, there must be good or bad things, the completion of a file corresponding to the attack, running back the ball when the ball dropped in the process of running and fighting, when the defense before the players rush out to take over the ball, the first step to intercept the ball, the fans will like were thunderstruck, the moment of exultation and turned Compassionate, which is full of suspense, exciting football game one important part.

As often in the prediction game Neglected Aspect, mistakes often occur unexpectedly, caught off guard, but the impact on the game, but it is direct and intuitive. In this paper, it aims to analyze the mistakes of this technology statistics, what a significant impact on this year’s Super Bowl champion who gets will be generated.

Football field, a mistake can be fatal

Any sporting event, are inseparable from the existence of mistakes, after all, is not the main event is the result of sophisticated programming of robots, but like us ordinary human beings. To err is human, and filled with a lot of turnovers and converted soccer ball, basketball and other sports compared to rugby any file they are all offensive tactics by calling the sidelines of the coach, the team and play a role in the field of brain quarterback, jointly coordinate the completion of each file is before the kick-off, there is time to complete the conditional well-decorated masterpiece. Therefore, to protect the ball is attacking the organization’s bottom line, but the ball for a strong dialogue, especially for the Super Bowl this match-ups, no doubt, are the lifeblood of the team. Rugby ball turnovers led to the conversion of the scene is not common, but the results of any mistakes, but all can be fatal.

Warren – Sharp was recently in football circles fame magic ball theorist, in his analysis of the system, in addition to EDSR (Eearly Down Success Rate, the success rate of the previous gear), technical failures on statistical TO Margin (Turnover Margin marginal turnovers), to influence the outcome of the game occupies a large proportion of the party less mistakes occur, often able to win the final game. According to Warren – Sharp’s statistics, error won the war of the team, the chances to eventually win the game as much as 80%, “Win the turnover battle, win the game”, one of which is the core concept of Sharp analysis.

It has an excellent ability to control failures, for a team to help much? Just look at Andy – in virtue under the Chiefs, the answer is very clear. From 2013 to take over the team this season, Reed Chiefs in a total of 46 games fewer turnovers than the opponent, which is a powerful guarantee almost Chiefs win. 2016 season and 2017 season, the Chiefs are in 16 regular-season victory in 10 games to win the battle of turnovers, but their record was extremely brisk 18 wins and 2 losses, you know, when they are qualified quarterback mediocre Alex – Smith. Despite being criticized a conservative style of play, but winning is the last word.

Mistakes had decided the previous ownership of the Super Bowl this season, who also determines the final cut

On the Super Bowl stage, we have seen a lot in the last moment, because of mistakes and ruin a typical example of the game. Which was most impressed, comes four years ago in Arizona, Patriots cornerback Butler, in the final countdown stage of the game, the Russell – Wilson steals the ball lore classic scene. How many Patriots fans this scene that survived ecstatic, but when last year, Brady Hawks face he could feel the fierce sack and off the ball, lost the last chance to come back, they turn to “beat fans” who sadly the grief.

And this season, the Saints, provide us with two extreme examples of a positive and negative. Before 11 weeks of the season, Brisbane sent only once steals, he also led the Saints and the National League leader in the battle for the Rams win, firmly occupied the top spot in the League of Nations. And into the playoffs, with the Hawks in the conference finals, the first time the opening Brisbane pass hastily thrown a record long pass opponents brought a gift. Saints home game because of this mistake, the entire first half was completely suppressed opponents on the momentum until the second half only by virtue of Merle Latifah steals, barely turning the tide. The last moments of the game, the Saints again rely on Merle Latifah steals, survived to avoid becoming the Chicago Bears as a free kick lore eagle fate.

However, in the national contest, the Saint team still fails to escape the fate of the murdered killing, but the culprit is still mistaken. In the overtime, Bris, which has a significant decline from the beginning of the twelfth week, once again, his pass after encountering the ram defensive and changing the F Wah, was changed by Johnson, will The chance of the lifting is gave the opponent. The importance of controlling mistakes, thereby visible.

Super Bowl Guess: Who will win the mistakes? Ram or will laugh at the end

Participate in the two teams, Los Angeles razures, Los Angeles rains, Los Angeles razures, in terms of mistake statistics, the 4th place in the forefront, the three-year-old colleague, and the patriot followed The second place column 5th. The whole season came down, the ram is generally created the opponent 30 mistakes (18 teleculations, 12 times), second only to the Chicago Bear and the Cleveland Brown team, sent 19 mistakes (12 times, 7 times ), The two differences +11. The patriot has created the opponent 28 mistakes (18 teleculations, 10 times), sent 18 mistakes (12 cases, 6 times dropping ball), the difference + 10. From the data, the two teams are almost unremnant. But in the current situation, the ram is obviously better than the patriots. The last arrow course in Kansas City, Braddy sent two copies of the whole team and a four-dimensional mistake, and the patriot defense did not force Mahms to actively handed over the ball. Performance has a significant decline in regular seas.

At the same time, some clues can be analyzed in some details, and on these details, young rams may be able to take a slight shore.

The first is the different defensive ways of two teams, and the patriot lacks a superior defensive superstar, and their excellent defensive effects, killing and manufacturing opponents mistakes, and more from coordinated teamwork. But such a game is often, and the game time will be exhausted with the lapse of the game. People’s energy and concentration will decline accordingly, the information communication and execution of information will also have obvious fluctuations in terms of information communication and execution, and a team of main teams. I want a whole game to maintain precision instruments. Precision coordination, the high unity of players’ thinking is extremely difficult or even almost impossible.

In terms of manufacturing mistakes, the murder is more than the superstars such as Donald, Violent Su Tarib, and uses people’s talents simple rough rolling. In the face of these players, you must always maintain a high degree of focus and be cautious. Significantly negligent will be lost, it is likely that you limit them a whole game, but a chance to give them a chance, but this opportunity It is possible to pay extreme pain. Last year’s super bowl, Braddy and Falls did not have encountered opponents before entering the game, but in the last two minutes, the Eagle team got a leader, Braddy entered the speed of life and death. The murder encountered by the old cloth caused the ball, and the mistake was only once, and the fate of the two teams was completely changed.

Second, it seems that the patriot of the old road, rich experience is probably a double-edged sword. Attacking group coordinator, responsible for the attack tactics, McDaniels, quadruposed Weibedi and his left right arm Big Gulong, Edrman, the combination between them is too light, but more easily forms a formal thinking. In the United States, the first quarter of Braddy in the Red District, the mid-circuit window passed to Dashong, but by the opponent Wira Grand Dragon, it was a highlight of the thinking. The same routine, Braddy and Dagelong play too much very well, causing Brradi to observe the movement of the other party’s guards, and they want to shoot, but they sent the ball to the other’s hands.

On the other hand, the secure combination of the Patriot team also makes their offensive routines have great sample capacity for opponents and analyzes, and based on sports psychology, coaches and athletes, the more the key moments are more Repeated training and competition have a higher active action, thus leading to tactical predictability. For the smart and the memory is amazing, and there is also a very strong game reading ability. Mysteri Maxi, once he captured the details you can use, he will not let go.

The young people are getting less, the rookies need to pay attention to bad habits and details

The newborn calf is not afraid of the tiger. In fact, the essay of the coach has become the trend of the alliance, the courage, and the small hands with innovative spirit often bring surprises, and there is also a strong unpredictability. Last year’s super bowls, in terms of tactics, Dora Pitas, which only in the league, three-year coaching experience, is obviously better than Hao Birib, RPO (Run Pass Option Running option) to play patriotism Veteric and Bilipk are extremely uncomfortable, such as the four-point guards of the law, it is also the pen of God. Since the lack of experience or a serious mistake in the first experience, it is now more rare.

The patriot must want to maximize the error, the most important aspect is to see if their ground offensive can play a super high level like Kansas City. But their running guards, rookie Snoo-Michel may also become a timed bomb. According to the previous example, the running guard often brought some bad habits in the college to the career game, these bad habits It is possible to hide very deeply, but in the superb bowl, it is likely to run quietly, so that the player itself is difficult to notice.

But this is also a common problem of young players, and there will be on the male team. In this area, Gao Fu is also far away, although his superior sports ability can help him resolve some crisis, but he once in the last game The red district of the audio has taken a ball to pick up the ball, once and CJ Anderson’s hand passed on the ground, and almost causes the consequences of irreparable. Compared to old Braddy habitually accustomed to preventing the ball to prevent the ball in the chest to prevent the fine movement of the ball in the chest, young players can not be too worry-free.


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