Disabled Griffin, Adudi on the first, Nash variations, Owen, you can’t have to come back.

On November 25th, Beijing time, NBA regular season, the online game challenges the green team. The front basket network is high in the east of 13 wins and 5 negative records. https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.com This game Naish fruit is brutal to Griffin, and Ade is put forward. After playing in the last game, Thomas has played a good time. This set of waves made the basket network to play smoothly, the final basket 123-104 defeated the green team ushered in 4 games, and continued to consolidate the eastern part. The first ranking.

The previous game basket is struggling, Nash is too conserved by people, and a injury tide makes Nash to make changes. Brown, Joha, Clarkson is injured, Griffin’s new three-pointed three-pointed-in-one-incidence is sharp, the team space is more embarrassing, Nash finally made decisions in this https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com game: Adeti first, new show Thomas enters the rotation to reuse this Bry.

Ade and Benli have a height, especially in this Bry, in the defensive end, this game has completed the boxing task well, this game, the basketball team rebound is more than the opponent 5 indivual. And Ade’s ending ability is far stronger than Griffin, he does not solve it, and Harten’s poor unpacking is the weapon attacked.

Let’s talk about Thomas, this game Thomas 11 in 4, three points, 6 shots, get 13 points, 3 rebounds 3 assists, although he is more hesitant, but he is still full in the offensive side. It is also good to make a killer ability. This game has been played for 6 free throws in 25 minutes. In addition, three assists in 1 cap. The game against the Knight, Xiao Tobassolded 15 minutes without a 15 minute, and became the team’s https://www.nbatrikots4.com armed soldiers.

Today, Thomas’ s appearances, to a certain extent, for the vacancies of Owen, and the team’s head coach Nash has finally begun to change, this is a good news for the Net. In addition, Nash’s career has also ushered in a milestone: from last season, Nash has played a total of 90 regular competitions, and the record is 61 wins and 29 losses, winning 67.8%, winning rate ranking Net history First! You can’t have to come back, the team is slowly entering the right track, the chemical reaction is also slowly establishing, as long as Durant and Harden have kept health, Nash squad, the basket is still very hoping https://www.nbatrikots4.com to get the total Champion.


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