Excellent quartz guards are not precious. The general manager said that it does not rule out the pick-off

February 23 (Wen / ESPN ROB DEMOVSKY Compile / Love) Brian Gutcher as the general manager of Green Bay Package, the frequent frequency shot of the last season is impressive, and his introduction Smith also allows the team’s defensive group to upgrade rapidly, and the game will play the finals of the country. But don’t forget, what did he say when he is the general manager of the team two years ago? He said he wants to find the team of Alon Rogers!

This season, they only have a step away from the super bowl, and Gut Kongster does not have to fight against the rest of the season, seem to only need zero knocking to make a small range of supplements. So, the problem is coming, is it a good time to find a new quarter-saving?

“Of course!” Gut Kongster received an interview on Friday, “You should listen to me before, all the things I have learned about the team’s construction is starting from quadrant. So Every year, these quadrants should be assessed every year. I think this is very important. This year is the four-point guard, there is a group of excellent young quarters, I think this four-point guard is better, this is very interesting So, I will certainly consider. “

In fact, the packaging workers can pick a quarter from the first round. Although they only have the first round of the 30th selection, they have 9 signs this year. According to ESPN draft expert Mel-Kelope, there will be 5 quarters of four defigues this year, 3 of whom (Burro, Tu A, Herbert) is too barted, and the packwork Basically, “However, Yissen from Washington University may enable the vision of the package.

It is worth mentioning that Rogers have been 36 years old this year. When the 2005 team selection him served as Brett Falv’s successor, Faller was only 35 years old! And Gudel was under the hand of Ted Thompson in the packaging worker.

“I remember Mike Sherman is our head coach at the time. We don’t have interest in the position.” Gutefuster recalls, “Then Ted came, he only worked for three months, You think about it, your quarter-saving is Falv, all the coaching groups have been formed, and the general manager just came to this team! I can only say that he really is very courage to do this, in fact, in fact This choice also has a profound impact on the team. This is impressed. He is the kind of person who thinks about the right thing, this is not easy. “The coach Sherman is not the only one for this choice. Those who are dissatisfied, this time made Fempho also worried, that year, the speech on Ffer retired did not stop.

“Rogers did not play three years after that, people may say, this is completely wasted.” Gudel Steve said, “But we clearly cultivate a young quarter-off, we don’t think this is a waste Time. You just don’t know when it will be used, and I only know that you will take your own young quarter-off, which is a harmless thing to develop the team’s future. “

At the same time, Gudel Star emphasizes Rogers’ important role in this team today. “I need to know what extent every year, what I need to do, let them go to the next level in the next season. In the past year, Alona did play a high level, I am very happy that he will be with the horse. Special-Raverlee came to the second season. “

Rogers signed a $ 134 million contract last season, which made his contract in 2023. But according to the contract, the package can cut off him to get the salary space after the 2020 season. But Gudel Step stressed that even if the team really chose a rookie quadrant, it does not mean that the team will change in the future.



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