Fan Zhiyi predicted as true, "Chinese football face is not!" Can the national football continue to be in the future?

The 2nd round of the Panda Cup, the Gongqing 0 is not unexpectedly under the foot of Thailand. The fans who have seen the game will find that the Gongqing’s lobes are not as good as those, because their 2 diet is due to their own mistakes, which is also the problem that the players etv d program live are not solid. In addition to this game, this is the third game of China’s national graphic team to lost within one year. Have to say, today’s Chinese football has been fully lagging behind, and the future will make Thailand will become a normal state.

Thai football is the earliest to make us embarrassment, but also dates back to 6 years ago. On May 19, 2013, the national football team led by Kamacia was defeated by Hefei to defeat at the Thailand team at 1-15. It is to know that this Thai team is just a young army. It is only their second team, and it is also the world’s football team, such as Feng Wei, Yu Dabao, Yulin, Wu Lei and so on. Therefore, this failure to the fight against Chinese football is almost devastating. After the game, the national football coach, Spaniardame Mabo resigned. After that, I have known the Fan indian hindi Zhiyi God prophecy: After paying the Vietnam of Thailand, the Vietnam is lost in Burma, and it will not lose. Chinese football faces don’t.

However, when Hefei’s “519 tragedy” did not truly introduce us, it was equivalent to the mosquito to bite a bite on us, and it was nothing. Therefore, Chinese football has been self-satisfied than Thailand for so many years, and is self-employed in Asia. Until the Asian Cup in the beginning of the year, we suddenly found that the Thai team has grown into a “elephant”, they have already have the strength of our wrist.

In January, the Asian Cup of UAE and the national football team met the Thai team at the 1/8 knockout. Before the game, domestic public opinion agreed that the national football was picked up. In the eyes of Thailand, they don’t think so. In the first half, the Thai team took the state news in english lead in breaking the deadlock; the second half, the Lipper opened the situation through a continuous. Xiao Zhi and Yulin were connected to 2 goals in 4 minutes to help the national football team. Although it is finally won, but for us, this victory gives us a feeling and is not legged.

After the Asian Cup ended, the Libe left China and left a fluff in the Chinese football. The national football team lost to the Lipper Magic Coach Lung Ring finally returned to “normal level”. The first battle of the Chinese Cup in March, and the national football in Canavaro lost to Thailand. In March, Vietnam U19 four national competitions, U19 Green 1 to 2 will be lost to Thailand.

After 2 months, China U18 National Green once again encountered the old opponent Thai team again in the Panda Cup. This time, in your house, Guoqing once again defeated. From the process of competition, Chinese players have never been disappeared in the face of opponents, and we are even behind the opponents in the foot of the skill and overall fitting. Fan Zhiyi God predicted unfortunately. Is it possible to save the future of the national football?
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