Fatty is a bad! The Pipards raised their hands with the Messi from the team, and Professor of cloth once again showd lightning recovery.

At 4 o’clock in the morning of November 3, Beijing, the 4th round of the Champions League game, ushered in a focus of war, the samasar Champions League match E-wheel, Barcelona ushered in the game and Kiev Dynamo game, can say that this may be Barcelona Only a opponent capable of defeating this season in the Champions League game, and Barcelona wants to complete the European group’s goal is difficult as it is. Of course, this game is the first Champions League game of Kumman under get out of class, and the team is will soon usher in the new coach, which is the name of Barcelona, ??Barceli, and the end of the contract with Alzad. There is 1 The time of the month came to the game, and this game Barcelona finally broke the victory of the game in the second half, although the current Barcelona is hit by the group’s integration list, but the last 2 rounds of competitions, Barcelona wants to squeeze this Benfica and Dynami Momo are not easy.

Previous Zero-Point Radio Sales www aajtak com live news channel in hindi Barcelona, ??the reporter Alfredo Martinez has said: “In the event of Messi transfer, Picke plays a decisive role.” In the exclusive “Daily Sports”, when he was asked When Barcelona has contacted those teammates, Messi talked about Aquiro, Boskitz and Alba, and the Picker, which was a good relationship with Messi, but Messi only said.

Interview with Messi’s reporter said: “When Messi left, Picke once told La Porta. If Messi left to Barcelona, ??Messi knew this statement, but not public The occasion is raised, but Messi is hard to accept. Because Picke not only has not retained himself, but even pushed his own departure. Barcelona’s locker room has different views on Messi, some people think that Messi can not leave, But on the other hand, there are also some players’ Jessi’s departure is not unacceptable. ”

It can be said that a news or the news Although Picke is not the final panel, it is the proprietor of Messi, for the premise of Maxi’s departure, there is too many business factors. No denial of Picke made a large payment in Barcelona, ??but he didn’t take himself as a player, using Barcelona platform and earned a lot of unclear money.

Fati is also a player of Lamasia, and the young Fati is also another superstar looking forward to Mesi. It can wear 10th jersey after Messi. The importance of the mind. Although I have experienced the serious injury, Fati is still in the restoration stage, but this game, Fati shows his own good competitive state, and it has entered the only goal of the game.

Of course, some of the operations of Professor Brigade in the competition, and once again show their own gods, it is lightning recovery. When the game was in the 88th minute, Boothke all over the news was in front of the Benvi Dynamo player, but when the value of the Cardiff did not blow the game, then Boothkes immediately got up and put into defensive. The entire process is completely captured by the camera lens, and may not deny that Boskitz is a good ability to play a player, but this skill law is still not to learn.

Of course, this is not the first time Boskez to show lightning recovery, but Barcelona is a lot of young players. If Barcelona wants to win hard, some old will still show some must kill skills, after all, these kicks can be on the court Not a brilliant skill. The current Barcelona is a young player-based team. Of course, Barcelona’s future is definitely bright, but it is better to surround the new Messi Fatty, or do not let these seem to have a good operation. After all, the Red Blue Order In many fans, it is india news live today hindi sacred and inviolable.

Messi can be said to be squeezed, except for the board of La Porta, some verses also played a role. Messi has left but Xin Barcelona. Previous interview also said that if you retired, I wish to return to Barcelona to do technical consultants, and La Porta, Picker and Boskitz have a flower intestine player, I hope not to destroy the law. Ti, letting this child can be a new leader and flag of Barcelona.


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