Ferry: Coreya technology is good to prevent him to Mirandi will be difficult but not decisive

Live Bar November 2 Day News Guuma Legendary Guards – Fei Ri believes that Inter Mila can leave a deep impression on this Sunday with Milan’s Derby, but they may not be three points.

In an aaj ka samachar samachar interview with Italian Media SportmediaSet, the front and back guides said that this game is a huge opportunity to Guomi, but it will not decide Series. The International Milan is currently behind the same city opponent, and the Red Black Legion is only 2 points in the first 11 games of Serie A, and Naples is the same as Milan. Inter Milan’s next two games will be against these two teams, they will regard the two games as an important opportunity to compete with good evening images bengali the competition championship.

Feiry did not think that these games were decisive. He also talked about the country’s striker Coreya. He said: “Coreya kicked more aggressive, his technology is very good, it is difficult to defend.”

“Milan derby is an important game, but this is not decisive. Milan and Naples started very well, but now talking about the championship is live news in hindi aaj tak today still too early. Milan is a very competitive team, they will be very Difficult. This is a difficult Derby, and the results are often determined by the process. I hope that there is a real contest. Guum will go all out, this is a game that news video news they can take a big step forward. ”


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