Five Legendary players who are killed by their own fans!Real Madrid fans are the most difficult "serving"

In the past few years, the importance of fans in the football match was enlarged because the audience on the 12th person of the team.

Sometimes, the team has achieved greater success in the away, because they don’t have to deal with the cranes and laughter of the home fans.

A good example is Manchester United in the Premier League of the 2020-21 season, they have won 43 points in the away, wwe breaking news hindi but only 31 points in Old Telford.

It is mainly a fan to make a buzz in his players and the team, let’s take a look at the five legendary players who are obsessed with their own goals.

5, Nema-Paris, Saint-Germain

In 2017, Nnemar was transferred to Paris with a transfer fee of 2222 million euros, shocked his football, which made him a player in history.

However, in the summer of 2019, there was reported that the Brazilian people were unstable in Paris, trying to force him to return to Barcelona. Nemaar also missed the top five games in the season, and Paris’s faithful fans had accumulated inner Mal.

In the 2019-20 season League game, he returned to the first, and the Saint-German fans in Paris many times will be buzzing many times.

When the Name’s name was read in the starting lineup, they sent a snoring and ridicule. When he touches the ball, they will do it when he shoots.

Nemaar’s miscellaneous empty emptiness in Paris was locked three points in Paris Saint-Germain, but his winning ball has got a bad response.

However, google news feed over time, Paris Saint-German fans have been warm in the Brazilian superstar in the past few years, and Nemal helped Paris to enter the Champions League final in the 2019-2020 season.

4, Bell – Real Madrid

Bell can say that it is the most underestimated Real Madrid player in the 21st century, but he has repeatedly caused the recurrence of the Royal Madrid.

In the summer of 2013, Bell was a total of 90 million pounds of Tottenm, and became the most expensive transfer in the history of Real Madrid, surpass Christiano Ronaldo.

At the age of 32, he made a fatal attack three groups with C Luo and Benzema, won 16 trophy and 106 cubes for Real Madrid.

In the past ten years, Bell entered some of the most critical goals for Real Madrid. This includes goals in two Champions League finals and in the 2014 King Cup against the Barcelona Single Punor.

For most other clubs, Bell will be an unlavable legend, but the fans in Royal Madrid are difficult to please.

After the Spanish media reports Bell’s more interested in Golf, the fans began to oppose him, and he often suffered from the buzz of the Bernaba. However, Bell did not retreat, and took the fans of the Royal Madrid after an international competition.

He held a flag of “Wales”. The order is golf, Madrid, who is heavy and easy to see. It is possible to say that the relationship between Bell and White Legion is already crushed.

3, Rooney – England

Rooney is considered to be one of the most talented England players in this century, but in the British football world, he is still a two-polarized figure.

One of the most inexposed snows in the game happened on the 2010 World Cup, at the time of the British fan against their team.

Although the England team at the time has been poor in the international competition, Capelo’s team is one of the hot teams in the 2010 World Cup. England is considered to be the group first, but in the unveiled battle 1: 1 was Award.

Triga Legion urgently needs to overcome Algeria to ensure the phase of the knockout. However, the glory of the star gathered does not make a real threat to the obscure Algerian ball.

When the game ends 0: 0, when the finalist sounded, the England fans rudely smashed their team. Rooney, as 60 seconds news in tamil a legendary figure of Manchester United, roaring loudly at the TV camera while leaving the stadium, felt that he was betrayed by his fans.

Finally, although England succeeded from the group, it was lost to Germany in the 16th.

2, Zidane – Real Madrid

Zidane is undoubtedly the legendary figure of Real Madrid, as a player and coach, he has achieved unprecedented success in Real Madrid.

However, even the criticism of the Real Madrid fans, even in the Bernaba racket, he has been mutually fans.

Zida’s inner Real Madrid has a dream-like beginning, and he won the Champions League in the first season of the club. Zidane’s 5 years in Berna is only winning a champion, which makes the fans turned against him.

In the last few seasons, he got to be replaced by the snoring, especially when the end of Qida entered the career. Before the legendary Frenchman hangs boots in 2006, the best news website in india ridicule of Real Madrid fans became more and more serious.

1, C Luo – Real Madrid

Christiano Ronaldo is the most successful player in the brilliant history of Real Madrid, and C Luo received a 16 trophy in 9 years in Spain, including four champion league championships and two league champions.

The Manchester United player is the multi-player player in Real Madrid, which is 450 into the 438 games in Real Madrid. In the summer of 2009, C Luo was transferred from Manchester United to the 84.6 million pounds.

On the standstight crowded in Berna, the Real Madrid of Judibi and Distyfan unveiled the Portuguese. There is no doubt that he is the most successful transfer in the history of Real Madrid.

However, Ronaldo’s goal records and contributions are not enough to meet the loyal fans of Royal Madrid. He was buzzing from his own fans in many occasions, which incered forced Ramos to india tv phone number defend him.

Although C Luo performs well in Real Madrid 2: 0 overcome Naples, he missed an excellent opportunity, and he was a hosted fans.

In the interview after the game, the Real Madrid captain at the time Ramos said: “I will tell the fans first consider, he is a player in the history of Real Madrid. He is constantly proved, and he will continue to see him. What achievement has been made. ”

C Luo is also hoisted in the game of Real Madrid 3: 0. This time, C Luo did not silence, he responded to the fans’ snoring, he yelled: “… raise.”


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