Folnet became a four-point guard super-hindrance? Transfer balance is the ultimate goal of the Jigi

Jacksonville American Tiger team announced on Friday, the team’s running guard Leonard-Walnette still may not be able to play the game on the Sundays Titan. There is no doubt that this is a non-small loss for the team, and at least the team thinks.

However, some interesting data told us that the American Tiger team became better in the lack of Folnet.

Since Falkte is selected in the first round of the first round in 2017, the Jagu team has conducted 18 regular games; where Folnet missed four games, but the four game teams were 4 wins and 0 losses, with the corresponding, Folnet’s 14 game record is only 8 wins and 6 losses. Similarly, the team’s offensive farms have improved and the total number of total quota has increased, while the passage of the four-point Werab Burtes has also increased significantly.

Take a look at these surprising data. In the days without Falktet, Burtes’s pass success rate rose by 8.4 percentage points. The pass clicks increased by 3 yards. : 14 rose to the horror of 9: 1, in the QBR quarterfielding system of ESPN, his score is almost doubled. Of course, this may be related to his opponents, in four games without Formit, 3 opponents are Indianapolis Pilot, Cincinnati Tiger Team and Houston Texas, and these three teams The record last season was 15 wins and 33 negatives; but after winning the trust of the New England Patriot Team last week, Burtes added a statistics for this data.

In the last week’s competition, the Jagu team offensive group oversized 481 yards, completed 27 first attack transformations, 20 times rely on passing; 14 three-speed attack, they completed 10 times. Burtas naturally cut 377 yards + 4 times of arrogant data, and there were no wonder many media called him to become a poor version of Braddy overnight.

After the lack of Falnette, the coach Doug-Malone asked Boltz to rely on diverse passes to lead the team to advance, and Burtss did this. In the 45-pass 29, 20 passes the first attack, 9 players received his pass, such a scattered ball point to make the patriot team’s defensive group is difficult to focus on the outer hand.

Of course, this is just some numbers that are slightly jokes, and Fonte means what, Tom Cofflin, Doug – Malone and Burts know. In 2017, Folnet still contributed 268 shots in the absence of 3 games, creating a record of the number of new snappers. It is because of his huge dismissal, making Burtas faced the front line defense in the previous league. Burtas is getting better and better, and in the first three weeks of last year, he is the highest score of alliance rating. In the two games participated in Folnet, he passed 577 yards, and the success rate of passing the ball was 71%, 4 times to reach the array, and did not be copied.

At least, when the team needs to lead the attack, Burtes stationed out; then when Folnet returned with a healthy state, Doug-March will also be more angry, dare to let the team play more Have a balanced attack, rather than just hug Formit’s thigh. At that time, it will be the ultimate turn of Burts to see the clouds.

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