Football News: Jinmen Hu has a paid, only 10,000 live fees per person in September

According to the “Football News” report, Tianjin Jinmen Hu has already had play news google a situation, and the salary in September has not been issued, but each person has issued 10,000 yuan of cnn news usa today living.

Since the TEDA discrend ??company undertakes the debt, even though the Tiger Tiger Club has no new shareholders, the operation of the season is still relying on the financing of the parties, but there is no incremental thing, and the bonus is also full. Press time.

“Football News” revealed that before in October, the Jinmen Hu did not have a payment, and the September payment of September in September in October did not have full amount, but everyone sent 10,000 yuan of living. October wages in November 15th, because there is no time, it is not known to be fair. In this case, it is more common in the TEDA period. Because the company itself, the player will only receive part of the salary per month, and most of the remaining will be unified at the end of the year.

After the Tianjin Jinmenhu after this year, it still like news needs to face a lot of reality next year. From the current point of view, the overall rights reform process noon league of Mandaria Medicals is not smooth, and all parties have achieved the most difficult mesh during the agreement, especially when they involve the fund part, how to coordinate, all this The new road needs to explore the core problem.

(Original title: Football News: Jinmen Hu has a paid, only 10,000 live fees per person in September)

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