Football wealth, pepper, the second loss should not happen, Manchester United is coming back

Manchester United at home 0-2 lost the Manchester City, the team coach Solskia was interviewed.

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“Analysis of this game is really difficult, because we started very bad, very passive, then lost the ball, the game became more difficult. Degeya let us continue to stay in the game, have made a lot of great savings, then they It is a habit to score a goan. Cansieloine, it passed to the post, and that case should not happen. “

“This is certainly disappointing. Don’t forget, our arms are a strong team, but we should kick your own level, this is where we need to improve. To be more aggressive in the front field, but the passive passive Let us become very cautious. “

“The way to lose the ball makes us very disappointed, the team must retrieve the state, more believe in yourself. I Chelsea Jersey understand that it has been very difficult in the past few weeks, standing hard to say too much, we must call the ball, there is a ball without ball More confident, more attacked, better pass, find the other party’s weaknesses. “

“Manchester City is great, there is no chance to control the ball, you must pay tribute to them, but we do not kick your own level.”

“Unfortunately, I have lost a mullan ball in the opening. If I can enter the second half of the score of 0-1, we have the opportunity. But the goal is the game. Players should know when Cansonello So what happens when passing, but it has not been able to handle it well. After the first lost the ball, we tried more in the next 15 to 20 minutes, but did not create what Chance.”

“I believe that the team Liverpool Jersey will come back. After the international competition cycle, the players will return to the club with a clear mind. Of course, you must have a higher request and expectation to myself and players. This is not Manchester United Method, I have a good communication with the club. I work for Manchester United. Of course, I will stay here for a long time, improve something, help the team to find something “

“After a game, we understand the disappointment of every fan. The young men will do everything to find the real thing that is unfavorable, positive, and the offensive is full of Manchester United.”


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