Foreign media attention: green and public welfare become China "Double Eleven" new style

Source: Xinhua News Agency

On January 9, several children played football in a football field in Daming Palace, Daming. Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhang Bowen photo

Xinhua News Agency, on February 22,taza khabar aaj tak breaking news China Sports General Administration was announced on its official website on the 22nd, the State Sports General Administration and the National Development and ???? ?????? Reform Commission recently issued the “Guidance Opinions on Strengthening Social Football Sites” (hereinafter referred to as “guidance. “)

“Guidance” requires social football field guarantee to ensure open time. Entrusted all localities to build a social football venue, due to the game, extensively carry out football event activities, emphasize that social football venues are prioritized to carry out football activities, which are strictly prohibited to change government investment and enjoy government subsidies. Social football venue Function.

“Guidance Opinions” points out to scientifically manage social football fields, establish and improve management systems, strengthen daily management. Encourage construction information data service platform, use a smart management system to encourage social forces to undertake the operation ndtv headlines management of government investment social football venues. It is required to carry out performance evaluation of social football fields and establish a reward and punishment mechanism.

“Guidance Opinions” emphasizes to improve the supporting facilities of social football fields, improve operational benefits, encourage multi-use, support extension of football industry chain, and supports the school youths, teaching, training services, and promote the integration of physical education.

“Guidance Opinions” also demanded that the subject’s responsibility is required to strengthen the guidance and supervision and management of the operation management of social football venues, and the social football venue is operated, and the maintenance fund is included in the budget management, increase financial support to ensure social football venue aaj ka hindi samachar video meinfacilities. The equipment is operating normally and continuous service.
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