Formal and the Shanghai team will meet! NBA level foreign aid landing in the CBA stadium, and join hands with Li Chunjiang to hit the championship

In recent days, there have been many foreign aids on contingency to reach the domestic, Morand and others have been with the team meeting, and the second phase of the CBA league will usher in a large change. The Shanghai Men’s Basketball Basketball Basketball Matching, the first stage ushered in Franklin, according to domestic media people, Da Foreign aid No A-Feng Lai has ended isolated, formal and Shanghai men’s basketball team. In the second stage, the Shanghai men’s basketball team will have the configuration of Franklin + Feng Laihuang foreign aid, and Li Chunjiang will hit the championship.

The first stage of the Shanghai men’s basketball team has achieved 10 wins and 3 negative records. The position of the fifth parties, after the promotion of Wang Zhelin, Ren Junwei, Franklin, the team’s overall strength improved, from the next season, By the current playoffs, Li Chunjiang has brought great changes to this team.

How much is Feng Lai strength? In 2014, in 2014, the first round of the first round was selected by the Hornets. The career has been effective in the wasp, the pioneer, the bull, the Nicks, the forest wolf, the Nugon and the Net network. Feng Lai’s best season in NBA is in Knicks, 25.3 minutes, can contribute 8.4 points 7.8 rebound 1.9 Assistance 0.7 steals 0.8 caps, in the NBA, the main rotation, if Feng Lai has sufficient opportunities, He can be based on the NBA team. Feng Lai is as high as 2 meters 08, the arm is 2 meters 47, and there must be a certain medium distance from shooting. It is very good at the basket, the body talent is excellent, and the existence of the CBA is absolutely top foreign aid.

More importantly, Feng Lai is only 26 years old this year, and the career has not been greatly injured. The sports ability is very strong, can play four or five, and it is still a short effectiveness in the Nets last season. The reason why
the CBA team, Feng Lai still hopes to be able to successfully “gold plating” here, prove that after his strength, Feng Lai is likely to continue to return to the NBA.

The first stage of Franklin contributed 19.4 points 8.6 rebound 11.3 Assistance 1.5 steals, in his leadership team, five people scored a double, Shanghai men’s basketball court all the leader of the 112.4 points, enough to reflect the team attack How prominent manifestations. After the Feng Laiji team, Li Chunjiang has a trip, and the offensive end has more choices. The defensive end of Feng
Lai will help Ren Junwei and Wang Zhelin alleviate a lot of pressure. In the third stage, the Shanghai men’s basketball team will return to Frago, which will return, so that the Shanghai men’s basketball team will smile and proud alliance, Li Chunjiang has complete strength to hit the championship, we will wait and see.


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