Four nonds of the new show, the list of 53 people will become the next inspirational legend?

After a surprise and unexpected layoff, the New York Giants finally identified the list of 53 people in the 2018 season.

Dave Gettleman (Dave Gettleman) chose to build a team in its own way. He not only signed 6 people from the list of other team layoffs, but also preserved 4 in the array. Falling a rookie. Over the past few years, there have been almost no importance in the New York giant array, but each year we still look forward to some of them can become the next Victor Cruz.

This kind of players have been playing an important role in the history of New York Giants and other NFL teams. Typically, most people in them can only play a depth of lineup and the role of simulating opponents in training, but the data tells us that this is not all. It is necessary to know that the number of people in the new show is much more than the five-year show, six-round show, and the seven-year show will have more people. Each team will sign the two-digit decoration in the draft meeting every year, and of course the New York giant. Coupled with many people in these players, there are actually with the strength of the end of the show, so the number of players who can play out is actually more than those last rounds.

So what is the strength of 4 election of the New York Giaries this year?

Evan Brown

As a rookie of the South Health University University, the new season Brown will serve as the role of the neighboring center in the New York giant array, in addition to this, he can also serve as a sharp position.

During the university, Brown served as a team’s first center for four consecutive years. Although mobile capabilities are not his strength, strong upper limb strength and excellent explosive power can help him complete the road. In addition, he has a keen judgment for the rushing of the opponent, but in general, the ball is not his strength.

Sean Chandler

After the end of the 2018 election, Safety Wei Deller is one of the new Xiu, the New York Giant, and he has also successfully defeated the other two security sanctan – Thompson and Andrew – Adams, enter 53 people of the team.

For Chandler, sports ability is not his strength, but he has a multi-faced property that can be qualified for any defensive tactics. Whether it is a guilty or strong, he can even serve as a corner.

In Tianpu University, Chandler has played 48 games as a first player for four consecutive years, got 265 hugs, 3 kills, 10 copies, 23 destruction, and 4 times forced the ball The data can be said to be very comprehensive.

The defensive second line of the New York Giant, Chandler needs to be standing at any time, because he may become the replacement of any location, and he is a key member of the special group.

TAE Davis

Before changing this position, Davis has been servicing the position of the security guard, so Davis can give full play to his advantage. During the entire training camp, Davis’s team has always been behind another mid-line Wei Lei-Armstrong. But in the preseason, Davis’s performance has been steadily upgraded, especially in the preseason game, he is one of the best New York giant players in the audience.

The New York giant focused on the depth of the lineup of the center of the center, and Armstrong also used its own outstanding places to gradually approaching the starting lineup. Although Davis is safe and born like Armstrong, he does not have an advantage of Armstrong as well as NFL experience, so he needs to be standing in the replacement.

In the last season of the college, Davis has achieved 74 scholars, 1 killing, and 6 quarter-saving data. In the preseason, he contributed 13 hugs and 1 time destruction.

Robert Martin

Martin is a running stroke from the New York Giants from the local Rogas University. Many people don’t look at Martin’s prospects when signing up, but after training camps and preseason, everyone does not want Martin to leave.

Although Martin is not the most explosive runner in the array, his performance is excellent in the field, especially in the second away scene of the next flight, Martin 15 shoal, 97 yards and 1 Deta, the punch code has reached 6.5 yards. So the team doesn’t want to take a risk to let him stay in the training lineup, because it will dig away from Martin to other teams. In the three games of the entire preseason (Martin’s third game of the preseason, he fully demonstrated its powerful lower limbs, agile accelerated capabilities and good balance, while facing When the complex rush is in the face, he can also be patiently looking for the most suitable mushroom route, so that the opponent is difficult to defend.

In the new season, Martin will be very likely to come to the four running strokes in the team.

Attached New York Giants 2018 season full 53 players list:

Offensive group (25 people)

Quartz (3 people): Elays Manning, Kyle Razza, Alex – Tanny

Run Edger (5 people): Sac Wan – Bakley, Jonathan – Stuart, Wayne – Galman, Sean – Smith, Robert Martin

Close-edge (3 people): Evan – Ergram, Rete – Ellison, Scott – Simonsen

Extraction (5 people): Little Odel – Beckham, Sterling – Shepard, Cody Ratimo, Russel-Shepard, Kailin-Claila

Attack front line (9 people): Nate – Solde, Wil-Ernande, Jon-Hara Pio, Patrick – Ommea, Erek Flals, John Greo, Chad Hiille, Evan – Brown, Spencer – Pali

Defense group (25 people)

Defensive front line (5 people): Damon-Harrison, Darwin-Tom Lin, BJ-Hill, Kerry, Morio-Edward

Line guard (9 people): Oliver, Alek – Ogreti, BJ-Guderson, Carrim Martin, Lorenzo – Carters, Revera, Thailand, Thailand, Davis, Kang Na-Ben, Rommeio – Okwara

Corner (7 people): Jaorris Jenkins, Elavi-Apur, BW-Web, Down Di Yang, Antonio – Hamilton, Michael Jordan, Camlin – Moore

Security (4 people): Landon Colin, Catis, Riley, Michael, Thomas, Sean – Chandler

Special service group (3 people)

Playing the ball (1 person): Aldrick Rosas

Abandon the kick (1 person): Rilei-Dickson

Long players (1 person): Zach Daoxi

Predicting start:

Offensive group (12 format)

Elays Manning (Siye), Sac Wan – Bakley (Run Front), Evan Engelram (near Terrillar), Rete – Ellison (near Director), Little Odel – Beckham (external work), Sterling-Shepad (external handle), NT-Solde (left trunks), Will Ernad (left striker), Jon-ha Lapio (center), Patrick-Omame (right striker), Erek Flals (right cutoff)

Defense group (34-forming)

Damon-Harrison (defensive cut off), Darwin-Tom Lin (defensive end), BJ-Hill (defensive end), Oliver – Angron (outside), Alek – Ogreti (Middle Line) Weiwei), BJ-Guden (Middle Railway Guard), Carrim Martin (Overseas Guard), Janris – Jenkins (Corner), Elai – Apur (Corner), Landon Corinth (strong ), Tiys-Rile (Wantan)

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