Hao seven consensus! Curry 7 records three-pointers 33 + 5 + 6 + 6, the Warriors 15 points big victory!

Among the NBA Western Unions this season, the Warriors and the Clippers have maintained a very fierce rise, in the last game, the solar team of back to the back, under the leadership of Paul and Bark’s backfield, Defeated the first basket of tourism in the east, expanded his winning scene to sixteen, and the winner of the leader warrior also narrowed only 0.5 games, which undoubtedly gave the latter huge pressure! In the NBA regular season, the Warriors challenge the Los Angeles Clippers. Although the Warriors’ first election is poor, after the end of the single game, 4 points after the end of the game, but under the god library, In the next three games, the Warriors were died in the next three https://www.maillotbasket6.com games, but they did not only spread their own points, but also expanded their leading advantages to 21 points. In the end they easily defeated 105-90. At the same time, the fast shipping team, the seven consecutive victories, and further stabilized the location of our western leaders!

Today’s Warriors and Clippers have core players who are unable to play. In the case of Clee Thompson and Leonard, the gods and general decisions have been largely determined. The trend of this game, simply on the ruling power of the personal stadium, Mr. George has a certain gap, which can also be seen from the performance of the two.

Among the game, there was a library of the fastess team to guard against the death, still showing an offensive endless momentum. In its 34.5 minutes of time, Meng Shen 22 times out of his life, including https://www.nbatrikots4.com Three-pointers 13 in 7, especially in the final decision, the Curry is a person who has a three-pointer in the three points, helping the team to lock the victory. The game is also 33 points, 5 The rebound, 6 assists and 6 steals comprehensive personal data, and the fast shipping team’s core Paul George, although there are 30 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assistants in the game, but his personal offensive efficiency is not as good as the Current 24 shots were only hit by 11 goals, and there were also the highest 8 mistakes, the team’s core performance gap, became a key factor affecting the trend of this game.

Last season’s fast fleet can get the best record in the playoffs. The character of the character player is not good, but in this game, their performance is undoubtedly disappointed, only small games. Lis and Blade scored a https://www.basketballtrikotde.com
double, especially the team main points Leir Jackson, 1 point in this 5 shots, let Paul George have no adequate help.

In contrast, the Warriors’ role players continued the hot performance after the new season, in addition to the Kuri, there were three players to score the double, and the health of Manbavikins is not good, and the 12 shots are also obtained. 12 points, the new aid of the debut, the Potter exhibition of his own value, three-bed line 7 shot 3, contributed 18 points, 10 rebounds, 2 assists and 2 steals, became the game of the game.

There is also a very important reason for the fast fleet transfer, that is, their number of mistakes reached 24 times. This also directly let the Warriors completed 19 steals in the game, more relaxed fast attack scores Opportunity, lay a solid foundation for the victory of the Warriors!


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