Happy Run on the green field

The picture shows the football coach of the Municipal Football Association to guide the ladies of the lady.

  Red jersey, green “grass”, running in a group of juveniles, the campus playground is full of laughter.This playground was once a piece of black grass, and now it has been covered by “grass”, full of “bokeh”.

  ”Football hope in the child, football in the future in the campus. We will continue to work hard in the future, let more children run happy on the green field, truly doing the ball, tend to teach.” The martyrs of the school, the principal of the school. On September 15 this year, the Niangzi Zhilian School of Heave Primary School held a completion ceremony of the football field. The new playground is jointly funded by the China Red Cross Foundation and Maddy Treatment Lawn Co., Ltd., the Municipal Education Bureau, Pingding County Teacher Bureau, the Municipal Football Association and other units. The relevant person in charge of Madi Artificial Lawn Co., Ltd. said: “Our artificial lawn can be used in normal use, can use more than 8 years, no fading, break, can let the children can kick, have a happy time.”

  After the ceremony, the Football Coach of the Municipal Football Association brings a football training course for the football team, and guided from the pace of football. “Football can improve the quality of young people, can cultivate adolescent team awareness, self-motivation, communication skills, etc. Today’s training class is only starting, and every half a month, the city Football Association will send coaches to guide small players, so that the lace is associated The school football team became stronger. “The Secretary General of the Municipal Football Association said.

  ”From 2014, Pingding County must hold a school-campus five-person football competition every year. All schools in the county and the counties can participate.” Cang Hongzhi said, “Initially, the beach elementary school established football interest group There are not many people, only 12 people participate. In 2014, we began to build a lanquil relationship school football team, and the players came from the beach primary school. With the rich experience in the competition, the team in the county’s youth football competition will increase year by year. Special It has been a good result of the first place this year, and the football team members have also developed to more than 20 people. “Football movement promotes further development of the cultural and sports activities of the beach primary school. In 2019, all students of the beach primary school fully utilized the big class in the afternoon. Actively participate in football exercises, campus collective dances and shake bamboo sports, all move.

  Wang Yonggui is the physical education teacher of the beach elementary school,Football Shirts Wholesale and is also the main person in charge of the student’s sports activities. He likes sports. In 2009, he entered the beach elementary school. Today, Wang Yonggui is responsible for the physical education class in the whole school. He introduced that football can cover the basic movements of the ball in football, with the ball. Students follow music to experience some basic “ball feelings”, and lay the foundation for the football team. Football and shake bamboo sports are divided into three phases. The first stage is in the primary stage, students will learn some basic actions and feel the fun of each sports project. In the three or fourth grades, students began to learn some skills. The five or six grades is in advanced stage, and there is a “collision” scene in football. It will teach some high-difficult techniques that will Soccer Jersey Discount be thrown to each other.

  Speaking of the knowledge of football, Wang Yonggui began to know a semi-solving, through seeing video and football competitions related to football, and learning to play the skills, the team’s strategic tactics. Wang Yonggui studied, while instructing team members practicing football. In 2014, the team, who has just formed, has participated in the five-person football competition of Pingding County Primary School Campus, and has achieved good results in the county’s fourth place. This competition inspired Wang Yonggui to learn and teaching the driving force. Wang Yonggui said: “I am first taught from the inside of the foot, and then steals, passing each other, the target, etc., let the students master the football skills.” At that time there was no professional football door frame. Wang Yonggui Kits Football Kits is looking for iron tube to weld two simple door frames, and lets players will practice the ball. “There is no condition to create conditions to let children play football.” Wang Yonggui said.

  There is such a teenager in the football team. He is the striker of the team, and 12 in the county-level competition this year, he is the sixth grade Ma Shpeng. “I am the first time I am participating in the county-level football game. I am very happy. When I got in the third grade, I had a sports class. Wang Teacher selected me when she selected the football team. Later, I love the sports sports of the football. I really like the feeling of playing in the new exercise. “Ma Shipe said. After Ma Depeng entered the football team, he began to pay attention to the World Cup, Yingchao, Champions League and other football competitions. Wang Yonggui also took him with his annual county-level competition. He watched it next to him. Xu Haonan is the center of the football team, kicking 36 goals in this year, gaining the “best shooter” in the game. Niangzi Association’s football team not only has a high-ranking individual, but also a team of unity and cooperation, closely cooperating. In the competition, the lady’s associated school football team adopted “121” tactics, and the team members always keep the triangle formation using the edge into the ball. “This year’s county-level competition, we started from the preliminaries to enter the finals, the team won all the way, did not let the opponent into a ball. In the final, we competed with the second experimental primary school in Pingding County, winning the results of 5:2.” Wang Yonggui Say.

  Successful fruit is not sweating. In the football team, students in the 56th grade will perform physical training, 40 groups of upper and lower step training and 100 push-ups, 5 groups of 600 m transport balls, etc. After hard training, Xu Haonan’s foot power is greatly improved. On the court, the goalkeeper is often “playing” by Xu Haonan. “The whole team will kick 20 football in the whole team, and a player even kicked 5 balls.” Wang Yonggui said.

  The beach primary school is a garden campus and there is a “small garden” in front of the teaching building. For this garden, Wang Yonggui has invested a lot of time and effort. Every time he will pick up the tools of the tool to pruning the school, maintain the beauty of the campus. He enjoys the present life. For the future, Wang Yonggui said: “Today, the new playground has been repaired, the football movement has become a major feature of the Niangzi Associated School Beach Primary School. Our school will continue to build football characteristics, in three All grades of grades were set up a grade football team, and the maiden associated school football team became positive and happy to run. “(Wei Junhua)


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