High defensive efficiency, reputation! Compared with Xiao Jordan, Woger does not use Howard

In the game, Huo Hawa was honest, and the game Lakers had a total of 10 players who have got the game, and Xiao Jordan was the first battle for 21 minutes. Although in the game, his efficiency of his defensive end It is still not ideal, but Woger adheres to him. In this competition, Howard did not get a minute of playing time, which is the first time, Waffle, was first deprecated in Woham.

After the end of the game, Walger said when he was discarding Howard, he also said that when James made the center, Howard and Xiao Jordan were only able to last. Howard did not happen, and he also said that he would like it more. Under the untrue lineup, the cooperation effect between James and Davis.

Although Walgel’s interpretation is relatively https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.com reasonable, it is undeniable that Howard has a significant decline in the tactical system of the Lakers this season. When he helped the Lakers won the championship, he is still a stable substitute center with a stable play time. Among the playoffs, Howard has also been reused by Walgel and plays a very important role in the team tactical system.

After returning to the Lakers this season, his appearance time is only 13.6 minutes, which is less than Xiao Jordan. In the team rotation lineup, Howard is in the first team in the overall team, and it is not reused. From the performance in many games this season, more about Howard, Wogel pays more attention to Xiao Jordan, let him play with James Davis, at the same time, he will also choose Xiaordan to stay on the court.

After 13 minutes of war, Howard he will be replaced, every game is like a card to get from get off work, and after more than ten minutes, it will go to get off work on time. https://www.basketballtrikotde.com
It is likely to continue to continue to go on. So, the problem is coming, but also small Jordan, Woger why not pay attention to Howard.

From the perspective of ability and performance, Howard should take advantage, he is very efficient in the defensive end, and is conscientious in the game, the team needs him to do, he will have a good task in the game. When he is in the game, the team’s defensive efficiency will increase, and the strength of the inner line will increase. The defensive efficiency of Xiao Jordan has now there has been a large decline. In addition to the air dunk, there is no good performance in other ways, and the current state of Howard is better than Xiao Jordan.

In the object, compare and small Jordan opportunities, do not reuse small Jordan, or after Howard and AD conflict, this affects his https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com tactical status in the team. Compared with Xiao Jordan, Howard is hard to get more game time. When Xiaojordan and Howard two choose one, Woger will still choose Xiaogan, let it start, and play longer time.

Personally, as the top player of the past, at the same time, the current state is still very good Howard. He didn’t have enough respect at the current Lakers. He did not get reused in the game, and the personal appearance time was also reduced, gradually faded out of the team rotation lineup, in the face of the piston team, Howard was also discarded by the team. Although this kind of thing is rare, but in the next game, we may once again see How Hraw can’t represent the team. In the view, Howard’s role is definitely better than Xiao Jordan. The Lakers want to win the championship this season. Woger still needs to reuse https://www.maillotbasket6.com Howard, in the face of high internal lines, such as about 约 奇, 华 或 或you.


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