Home base game Champion Alonso: High School Avantarian Fire Stunning Great Alliance

Four months ago, Pitt Alonso didn’t know that he could stay in the big alliance in the opening day, and today, he took all the star home base to play the competition, and the ball was created in just half a season. The team’s own home base is recorded, and the two-winning countries is the best rookie of Alono ceilings? No one knows.

In the 2018 season, the 36-level 36-ranging transcripts of the 36-level hits of the 36-level hits of all levels of the 36th level of the small alliance. 368 / .394 / .647, team number The new Xiu Alonso is given a hopes by everyone. However, due to the reason for the control period, he can stay in the big alliance after the spring training has always been a big question mark.

Because Todd Fraser and Jude Roli’s injury force forcing the team to make Alonso in the decision of Alonso in the big alliance, or the team only wants to put the best 25 people in the ball. The team’s list, Alonso got his chance, and he firmly seized this opportunity.

Alonso as the first base of the opening day, facing Max-Xie Zel’s pitch, three swallows swallowed twice. But in the eighth situation to Justnet Miller, he laying down the first career, sending teammates to a point, which also helped the team to win the insurance. He played in the first month of the career. 292 / .382 / .642, 9 ranking 26 points, winning the best new show in the country. Alonso is not only stabilized in the big alliance, but also a team of absolute strength in the team in the leader.

It used to be a tripper star athlete https://www.maillotsenligne.com to fight a big shirt for New York.

Alonso is born and grew up in Tampa in Florida. In addition to the baseball, he is still a strong line guard and defender who likes collision. When he decided to give up the football and stick tennis, focus on baseball. Subsequently, he entered the University of Florida, and he was selected for the SEC partition all-star team.

In 2016, I as a big three player ushered in big outbreaks, change the blow posture, and shorten the distance after the waves. 374 / .469 / .659 achievements, 58 games went out of 14th matrix and 60 points, led the team In the university world contest. The 2nd round of the MLB draft in 2016 was selected.

Alonso has a deep origin and New York. His Grandfather Pitt – Alonso moved from Barcelona in Barcelona in Civil War, his father Pitt Matthew – Alonso was born in New York. Today, Pitt – Morgan Alonso said: https://www.mlbdrakterno.com “This is very interesting, just like returning.”

His grandfather once is a dead loyalty to the Brooklyn Dodge, moved to the team to Los Angeles. Pitt – Morgan has a lot of relatives in New York: “They used to be a fans of the team, the keyword is ‘once’, because now there is a Pete Alonso playing in the metropolis, so they no longer support Yang Base. “His wish at the Xiaobian League is to quickly go to the big league, let his grandfather can watch him in New York, but the Pei Pei Pei Tit-Kangrad died in December last year.

Weird is too strong by the Arctic Bear.

Just like many of his teammates, Alonso also has a nickname of animal theme – Polar bear. The three base coach Gary-Dasalka gave the height of 190cm, the weight of 111kg, the nickname of him from the nickname, but the Polar bear has endless power, and the biggest advantage of Alonso is his strength. https://www.maillotspascherfr.com However, it is worth mentioning that he is not a player who is only power, but a powerful excellent player.

He showed his strength on the top stage in the top stage was the future of last year. He slammed a 415-foot home base of 113.6 mi per hour. The first home running of his big alliance is to face Dru Steel in his career, and the rod speed reached 112.8 miles per hour.

In the face of the Atlanta Warriors in the local time, in the face of John Ni Wantas, a 454-foot homer at 118.3 mi per hour, and is still away this season. The fastest home run.

MLB Statcast data reflects his outstanding hits, his expects to fight against the strike / strike event ratio (BRLS / BBE) as high as 18.1%, ranked third in the eligibility of the Alliance, only Mike Turet And Gary Sanchez; and the average left rod speed of his flying ball / flat fly ball reached 97.1 mi, ranked eighth.

The shortcomings and advantages of Alonso https://www.trikotskaufenn.com are as obvious, and his gaze is lower than the average. Whether this season’s defensive WAR is lower than 0, or the number of crosses of Guandi, the number of people, the first base, or the Miki-Karaway, the general coaches often change him in the second half of the game, it reflects this One point, but he has been trying to improve his defensive level. At the same time, his speed also fixed him at a position, but his hit performance is enough to make up for the deficiencies.

In the attack, he also has some problems, with the cognition of good ball belts to be improved. After the excellent first month of performance, the other person’s pitcher began to study his characteristics and violently attack his weaknesses, so Alonso suffered the first downturn of his career.

The whole May, the strike data is .232 / .287 / .586, 10th, running a horn, 17 points, firepower is still, the data is only lower than the average of the large profit, but has obviously have problems with his level.

Pitcher is afraid of his https://www.fanartikelsportde.com fighting ability, so it has taken a more dodge of the strategy. The method of Alonso responded to more balls, this error decision made him rose by 30.1% by the proportion of the tri-vibration, and the guarantee fell sharply to 3.9%, even if the waving is only weak. But he quickly discovered this problem. When he was interviewed, he mentioned that he had to reduce the ball on the bad ball and the https://www.mlbtrojerse.com corner, and pay more attention to attacking the ball in the middle, so that he can help the team. .

Adjusting the fighting strategy National Jane Week’s best player income

Alonso also improved this. He significantly reduced the proportion of swing battles in the face of high position and low outer angle. Although the position of attacking his internal corners still has a good effect, in June, whether it is a 18.7% of the multi-scale ratio or 14.6% of the guaranteed ratio, and the overall hitting level of XWOBA, not only more obvious than May data The progress is even more excellent than in April.

Hand over. 307 / .435 / .653, 9 Barrys 21 points to play the Point transcripts Alonso once again won the best new show in the month, and also get the best player of https://www.mlbtrojerdk.com the People’s Week.

Pitt Alonso has been recognized and loved by teammates and fans after the big alliance is on the Grand Union. In the field, no matter whether it is a running, he will do our best. Calaway’s general coach evaluation said: “You can see his energy, his focus, he welcomes the ball with the right way. He brought a lot of nice qualities – he would even call you at night, hope Ability to enter the big list. He wants to win, every day. He is full of vitality, he gave people a deep impact. “At the scene, he was equally enthusiastic with the fans. energy.

He and teammates “squirrel” Jeff McNer has extremely good relationships, not only in the court to guard the first and second bases, but also adjacent to the https://www.mlbdrakterno.com stick, they often commend each other on social networks. And this year they also stood on the stage of all stars together.

The home running in today. The Alonso of Alonso, the first round of Alonso, the first round of Karlos Santana. Alonso chose his tailor Derk Morgan to shoot, a Ohio’s local person, high school has passed the experience, although they grow up in different places, but often exchanged each other, with deep friendship.

Finally, Alonso won, he became the first player who got a home running competition in history. He also has the opportunity to challenge Alon Jiaqi’s large-party rookie home run record and Cody-Berlinja Keep the national company’s rookie home record, let us continue to pay attention to his performance.


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