Hope of Chinese football! 24-year-old residents broke out, 4 games, or will become the core of national football

The Football Cup semi-finals will not be ahead of the competition, and the strength of the Shandong Taishan team will eventually win the Henan Lushan Longmen in 4-1, the two rounds of the total score 5-1 eliminated the opponent, and took a final. Tickets. In this game, a naturalized player of the Shandong team once again ushered in an outbreak, 24 years old, he is also the hope of Chinese football!

This is the “most water-based” Delgado that has been treated by countless fans.In the summer of 2018, Shandong Taishan took the 21-year-old Delgado with a year of 800,000. In the 2019 season, the Chinese Football Association launched a naturalization policy, perhaps to see the endless potential of Delgama, the Shandong Taishan Club has helped Delgamo successfully invasive, the player who has warned the country’s Qing team for Portugal In this way, it turned into a Chinese.

But this time I won’t think so beautiful, because DelgadoThere is neither Chinese bloodline, norStay in ChinaAfter 5 years, even if he has successfully successfully succeeded. In addition, in the League, Delgado still needs to register as foreign aid, but Taishan, Shandong Province, has a lot of excellent foreign aids such as Ferreny, Pele, Güdes. In the competition, Delgado does not have any advantages. Speechless. So this seemingly potential “new star” will soon be discarded, he can only do its best to keep the state in the preparatory team.

After entering this season, Delgado finally waited for turning.Affected by the epidemic, all Brazilian foreign aids can’t return to China in the early season, Delgado has reported the name of the Shandong Taishan No. 1 team, and has a chance to fight in the Shandong Taishan team. In the first phase of the league, Delgado represents Shandong Taishan team played 7 games, of which 3 were first contributed, and 3 clicks were contributed. The performance can be said to be quite excellent.

In the Summet Cup that will be opened, due to the multi-players in Shandong Taishan have been drawn into the national team, Delgado faces the competitive pressure smaller, so he quickly became the absolute main force of the team, and he served a sharp line. “Thigh” role.

In the two-round knockout game against the Wuhan team, Delgado contributed a shot, helping Shandong Taishan team total score 3-0 won the Wuhan team, successfully entered the top 4. In the semi-final, Delgado flashes again, in the first round of competition, he shot in front of the door, the hole wears the ten guidance of the Henan team, help the team take away 1-0 Victory, the initiative of the Mbappé Jersey promotion is firmly held in his hand. In the second round, Delgado has staged the “Mei Kai Dense”, with his two goals, Shandong Taishan killed the Henan team with 4-2 doubles, the total score 5-2 eliminated the opponent, and took the lead in advance finals! In the four games, Delgado made a 5 grain ball, it can be said that he has brought the Shandong team into the finals with his own strength!

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But Delgado has no Chinese blood, so Lionel messi Jersey he must stay in China for 5 years, in order to play in the country. From 2020, it is to say that by 2024, Delgado can smoothly convert the membership, with the qualifications of the Chinese team jerseys. If Delgado maintains the current state, then after 3 years, he is expected to be the core of the national football, in the 2026 World Cup journey, the attribution will play a raise role. Can the national football can reach the World Cup? Maybe it is necessary to rely on his play!

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