How big is Anderson’s role? The evaluation of Curry is most popular, and the contract expires will renew the team.

The last game Warrior team is still winning 20 points after the end of the game. It is clear that the last game is very representative, it marks the Warriors even behind some games, but they still have the ability to reverse even more reversible in a short time. This allows us to think of the Warriors in the peak period. They will not worry about how many fans are in the field.

The reason why the Warriors of the last game can be completed, and the use of Cole is also extremely critical. The last game Cole gave Anderson’s large number of game time, Anderson contributed a full-capacity data of 13 points 6 rebounds in a 25-minute, which can be said that Anderson became the protagonist on the field. Help the Warriors get victory. Yesterday, after the end of the game, I also talked about the role of Anderson present.

The Curry believes that Anderson has a very strong strength in the defensive end after Andon. This undoubtedly infects teammates to further improve morale and further enhance the defensive strength on the field. In fact, the most intuitive feeling of fans and Anderson are consistent with Green’s role. They have very strong appeals. In invisible, it will enhance the competition of the player on the field.

In addition to a very strong competitive heart, Anderson has also very matched the Warriors style. You will find that even the Anderson’s career is not long in the Warriors, but he immediately understood the Warriors. Thoroughly, he will integrate into the system of the Warriors immediately after he played. Do you know when to pass, when is it attacking, when is it? He took the pinch very well, this is the reason why Cole trust him.

Anderson signed by the Warriors, the contract will expire after the end of this season. After the contract expires, his probability will continue to renew the Warriors and continue to leave the Warriors. Of course, the Warriors may also further enhance his contract amount and give him respect. The players like Anderson can only play his special at the Warriors. He is also very clear that only the trust of the coach in the Warriors, will not lack the game. If he chooses to leave the Warrior team to join other teams, maybe it will be like a lot of players who leave the Warriors. Soon it was fallen. So left-behind Warriors should be his best choice.


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