How many minutes in the football match?

According to the international football association, oneThe game time of the football match is90Minutes, but how many bursts will be present during the game, such as players injured or cause a conflict and interrupted competition, so90After the minute, the referee decided to make up, if the two teams set out in the elimination season,30Minute, and distributed in the first half and the second half15minute.

1. Football game time allocation

Time for the whole football match90Minute, then the last half is45Minute, rest10Minutes, from people’s physical strength is limited, even professional football players, their physical strength is limited, and it is impossible90To complete the whole game within minutes. Therefore, from the most reasonable point of view, it is the most scientific in the entire game.

Second, we must consider that there is no basketball competition, and a football competition is in ten.Within one, it is usually four or one, so in the process of the game, you need to spend a lot of time to set up each half.

Chelsea Jersey2.What is the time that the football player can get in the field?

In order to be able to make the player’s deep investment into the gameIncrease the excitement of the global increase in the competition, so according to the statistics of the goal data, most of the goals are distributed in the second half of the regular time, or they can say that before half of the rest.10Football Shirts WholesaleThe minute is the most, better shocking the audience, letting the ball be more shocking, attracting many viewers, so45The minute is the most suitable half-foot time for football.

This Cristiano Ronaldo Jersey time is not a time, but according to the basis of many years, this rule is set, and each rule is set to have its scientific basis. With more and more competition rules, there are many humanized Starting, for example, in the football match, the players will also provide hydration time. Athrs will lose a lot of moisture every day mainly by sweat and breathing, they can get water and drinks, every game There are two time for water distribution in the first half and the second half..

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