I want to leave but the contract "does not allow" star running or with Los Angeles lightning.

Entering the break, Los Angeles Lightning Star Run Wendo – Gordon has been seeking a big contract, but the sources revealed that his negotiations and team negotiations are extremely unhappy, and lightning always adheres to their position. Both parties will not complete the renewal. For this Gordon, if the two sides can’t reach a consistency before the regular season in the regular season, then he will absent the regular season and ask for trading.

Melwin Gordon hopes that the team can provide a contract that is satisfied with yourself.

Melwin Gordon hopes that the team can provide a contract that is satisfied with yourself.

Is this a little more familiar? Like the Leuxon Bell of the Pittsburgh Steelman last year!

26-year-old Gordon is selected in the 2015 Element 15, and now he is about to enter the last year of the rookie contract – a 5.6 million US dollars. According to reports, Gordon is seeking a big contract like Todd Gurley and Bell, and the two are NFL average annual salary running guards, the former is 14.38 million US dollars, the latter is $ 13.13 million .

Gordon is a strong three-speed running guard, just ended an efficient season, although it was absent 4 games, he was in NFL to the fifth of the 1975 yards in NFL, got 1375 yards of mixed code. The running guards in the professional bowl have said that hopes to stay in Los Angeles, but the premise is that both parties have to achieve a decent contract.

“Now is the problem of our new contract, is not to say that I hope to be traded.” Gordon said: “I want to stay in Los, I want to make a lightning, don’t give me the meaning of me. Let’s play back to lightning. “



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