In 8 years, the 200 million Mr. 2 billion, still played in the playoff: I don’t know what happened.

Text / Zhang Zihan

Speaking of the 2018 season of Boston’s red socks, 108 wins in regular games broke the history of the history of the hundred years. In the playoffs, the reddock team is also a high song, and the 3-1 big score eliminated the world of Henyin, now the total score 1-1 draws the defending champion Houston Space man, continue to advance to the World Contest.

Red Sox No. 2 David-Place is the 2007 MLB champion, graduated from the baseball name Van Tebmer University. The excellent performance of many years has enabled him to receive a large contract of Red Sox of 7 years of $ 217.7 billion, but because he always faces a “regular one-stop, the insects of the playoffs” has encountered a powerful public opinion in the United States. pressure. The red sock team left Ples, career five times, won all the stars, can’t win in the playoffs.

Ples is not always for the fishing team, but in fact, his team has always been a good competitiveness and can be entered the playoffs, Ples has 11 opportunities, but except yesterday The game was turned over after retreating after retreating, and all the teams who were effective in 10 games were lost. Even the red sock fans touched the “red socks” also shouted in Ples, “Why is it for you?”

David-Ples's playofty performance has been sorry for red socks fans

David-Ples’s playofty performance has been sorry for red socks fans

Regular game MVP level hand player all year round

The first appearance of Praz in this year is a fiasco. The 33-year-old is a 7-year 217 million US dollar contract, and the first bureau is called two home hits, and then only caught the two out of the bureau to be touched. . Finally, Yangji defeated red socks in the Finwei Stadium. This victory made the US League partitioned series of 1-1 flat.

The road of Ples’s tragic playoff started Tampa Bay, and then he turned on Detroit Tiger and Toronto Bluebird for two years, and finally came to Boston socks. Ples has not debuted in the playoffs in 11 seasons. It can be said that he is a frequent visitor in the playoff, experience is absolutely rich, and there are many big scenes. But as long as the playoffs, he is hard to seek a win. At the end of the game, I debuted in the game. I have issued 0 wins and 9 defeat, I vote 79.2, I was knocked 81, ERA is up to 5.42.

It is stark contrast to this, and he has achieved 143 winning in the regular season. From the 2014 season, in addition to the injury in 2017, the remaining season he has achieved at least 15 winning investment, career self-op; 3.25. Ples’s career year in 2012, this year, his 20-win-five-lost regular season, led the light into the playoffs in the Meiyi Eastern District of the strong enemy, got a symbolic MVP. It can be said that Ples’s regular season has been a lot of years, and the status of the playoffs is also a year.

At present, he has been in the playoffs. In the second consecutive game, he only cast a 1.2 bureau in the second game of the Yang Biejun section, and fell 3 points. Era is up to 16.20, directly leading The team lost the game, and this game was the only game lost in the Red Sox.

Ples is still a beautiful 39 wins 19 losses in three seasons in the high price of Boston Red Socks. Ples has been in the back of the trick, and the next half of the regular season is abnormal, and the average self-discipline is 3.33, and 11 wins and 3 smile prior alliances.

It is reasonable that Ples, who is very beautiful at the end of the season, is very likely to rely on mathematical logic or pure luck, Prab should help red socks win the second game of the Fat Socks. But he didn’t.

Jiaqi's first game gave the Prab, the home runs directly over the green monster high wall

Jiaqi’s first game gave the Prab, the home runs directly over the green monster high wall

After the 2018 season, the competition will be ahead of the Yangji Spaceman.

As early as the red socks locked the United States and East District partition champions, the reddock team fans captured Plece’s pilot persuading him took the initiative to take the task of the cowshed, and all kinds of questioning make Ples replied to the twice: I know me Ability to win the game in October as the first, this is what I am looking forward to.

In fact, Plesce’s data book is unable to win, and his state in the season, he met the luxury line of Yangji, and many red socks have already expected him to lose. The Prab Regular Tournament is 15 wins and 14 defeats, and the self-blame is 4.90. But he faced the performance of the Yangji is actually getting worse.

In fact, since Prab added to the Red Socks in the 2016 season, Ples was 2 wins in Yangji’s competition. And worse, Ples is still retreating in the face of Yangji this year, because he defeated 0 wins in the regular season, including a slaughter 10-3 massacre, not only four games Did not win, there is a self-sublet of up to 10.34, and the four homes played in four games.

If it is counted in the second game of the United States, Ples’s data on the Ocean team this season is this: 0 wins and 4 defeats in the five games and 10.90 self-blame belt to the opponent 11 homes.

At the interview, Ples said: Yangji has always made me uncomfortable, but I know that this year’s salary is 30 million US dollars. Fans expect me to win, I have to go out of this strange circle, in an important game. Unfortunately, this is what I can’t do tonight. I hope that the next first first fare can win.

However, in the second game of Yesterday’s Partition final, Ples was once again, the main investment 4.2, was knocked 5, lost 4 points, and the self-separated 7.71. If the teammates Small Bradley is in the case of the 3rd game, it is timely, and the three-point play is hitting, and the team strokes will make Ples have nothing to do with the victory. Les is probably swallowing.

The head coach gives Prab trust hopes to activate the game to win

Ples is hard to find a wonderful phenomenon in the playoffs, has always been the unknown mystery of the base. He is also eager to change this situation. After all, a pitcher who did not take a score in the playoffs, I am afraid it is difficult to get people. Plesco also said on Sunday: I hope I can invest more in this year’s playoffs. The head coach Alex-Cori reminds him that after the end of the game, wearing a team in the playoffs in the playoffs. Cala clearly wants him to be embarrassed.

The reddock team understands that if they want to get the World Competition, activate the state of Prab is very important. After all, their cowshed strength and space people still have a gap. Cola also said to the media: The team is working around the playoffs in the playoffs. This seems to imply the importance of Plesce. “No, no, he is one of our first,” Corla said. “Today is just that he is not too smooth. Today, his state is a little downturn, but our red socks are trustworthy.”

Ples had to face the fans and media in the inner field in the field, but he also said that there is no answer as us as us. “Although this state has lasted for 8 years, I really didn’t answer, this is also a very tricky problem.” Plesco also said: Although he has not yet mastered the success of the season, perhaps the future I will understand it, but his most hope that I can find it in the next game.


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