In the past 10 years, Chinese football pseudo-market has driven a market for pretending.:Indian news

China’s football pseudo-professional pseudo-market has long been, in 2013, there is a club issued a notice on 8 provisions of the state, a president of the surnamed Summer, and the total proposal of China’s football probability reform. Big boss then speaking bruttered 2010 Chinese football, he himself showed that Mbappé Jerseyhe had to save, one year of two sessions, news said that his proposal is the Chinese football pseudo-professional pseudo-marketization.

Chinese football is in a 10-year-old panel, how is “pseudo” law? In their ideas, don’t let the wall feet are the premium of pseudo-professional, if the market is excavated, I think it is too far from the topic.

What is the market? In most people’s concepts, the market is the market, the most popular image is the big set of townships. In economic skills, the market is not a place concept. In economic, the market refers to the three laws, That is: value law, supply and demand law, competitive law. Today, let’s take a look at how the professionalization of Chinese football violates these three laws.

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In Chinese football in the past 10 years, the worst thing is the deviation of players, and the technical level of Chinese players is declining, and the player’s annual salary and transfer fee have been turned on, exceeding the top level of the world. It is the maximum damage to the value of the player, the value of the player and the value of the player, is the biggest harm of Chinese football professionalization.

The consequence of the wall feet is to bring almost a team in the best resources of Chinese football, half the destruction of half, and then reverse the deviation of the value of the player.

Finally, it is said that competition in competition, competition in economics is the competition based on fair basis. In the past 10 years of Chinese football, the competition of Chinese football is the competition built on the unfair platform, such as the power outside the market. Digging the wall, the management policy is a market main service, and the interests of a market entity are based on the damage to the interests of other market, and the house to dismantle the house is to cover himself a temple.

Use a fake market to overthrow the Chinese football league market in the pseudo market, cover another mistake with a mistake, the most embarrassing moment us with Chinese football.

The market capacity of Chinese football is large, why do Chinese players must be less than Japanese and Korean players? The value of Chinese players is greed, can’t be compared with Japanese and Korean players, they have to find true reasons.

The name of the club is entered, this obvious is the robbery, not a market behavior, in the case of the imperfect Chinese football market mechanism, the purpose of investing football is the title, suddenly a neutral name, Chinese football can get any feedback investor?

China’s football qualified players are getting less and less, the national team has to return to foreigners, but in this case, it is necessary to expand military. Who will play?

The Chinese Football Professional League should really market, and we must consider a problem. You have to provide a problem with Chinese society. The game is increasingly difficult, and the news report is increasing, and the management mechanism is more and more. The public opinion manufactured in public opinion splits, is this the goods needed in Chinese society?

As a machine for manufacturing goods, the professional league is first qualified, the player as the protagonist of the game is the main raw material of the commodity. After the test is canceled before the test, the player who is increasingly unqualified by the brokerage, the supermarket Team, even if there is no physical strength over 90 minutes, how to play, how to produce qualified goods. Investors also have to review it. If bad capital does not let him enter the league, do not let bad capital control Chinese football.

The manager of the league should be specialized in organizing and coordinated work, don’t give professional leagues as playing things, speak outside for private leagues, doing outside, and take a joke. This is not what Chinese society needs.

Almost 30 years of professional league, let the Chinese football enter the dead end, Chinese football must go out of the predicament, need to seriously think about the football itself,Manchester United Jersey what is the market, to organize the logic of Chinese football.

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