It is a president! C Ro Luo gives Georga 100,000 EM subsidies home, a family of 8 expensive enough

We know, the time C Luo returned to Manchester United, and continued to invest in the football cause of his love, and C Luo lost some time to accompany the family and the child, but did Cristiano Ronaldo Jersey not expect that girlfriend Georga not only Help him put the family’s well well, and you will take four children very well. We have recently learned that although C Luo can’t accompany them, it will give Georga to the life spending of 10,000 ohms (about 740,000 yuan), which will give Georga.

Not only that, recently in the social platform, C Luo is still a big love, and the news of Georga presented with the teeth of Georga gave us. In this way, C Luo has to become a father of 6 children. Georga is pregnant, then it will be more powerful in life, and C Luo must also be careful to family, or multiple hires some family butter and nanny are not a good choice.

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Most of the fans who are familiar with this to the fans have a certain understanding of Georga’s origin. Georga is just a salesman of a luxury store before and C Luo. After C-Luo, Georga not only borrowed The heat and flow of C Luo and the transformation of the human resources have become a model, and they have also opened their own fashion brands. With the rise of personal visibility, the current light is a very visible product to obtain a very considerable amount of income.

According to the current price level, 100,000 EM I have been enough for a 8-month overhead, but this amount still caused the dispute between netizens, many netizens expressed their envy of Georga, but there are still many Netizen Lionel messi Jersey combined with the annual salary income of C Luo said that Ji Jie was only a zero, and the income of C Lura was nearly 100 million. What do you think?


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