It is still the second time I have won the national union MVP for the second time.

MLB has just announced the MVP’s vote, and the National Union This is a successful elected by the Philadelphians’ owners. The original genius has also taken
MVP in the nationals six years ago. He also became the fifth player who represents the different teams in history. It is also the fourth year before the age of 30. I have a player who won a number of MVP trophies.

Previously, I got MVP in different teams, Jimmy-Fox (sportswater / red socks), Frank Robinson (Jinji / Red), Bari-Bonz (pirate / giant) and Alex-Luo Drigs (Ranger / Yangji), these people are honoring, not the famous Hall of the famous Hall.

After the 2018 and the national contract expired, Harper has signed a 13-year $ 330 million contract, and this contract is signed to break the 325 million records of Ji’an Carlo Stanton, although the contract is always The price is constantly broken, but his contract is always a record of the free player.

In terms of results, Harper did not sound in the first two years of Philadelphia, but it was basically worthy of the salary that the team paid to him was basically worthy of the team. At the season of just end, Harper’s hit three is. 309 / .429 / .615, knockout 35 bangs and large alliances of 42 second bases. He is also the fourth single game, the fourth single game can be paid from 40 second bases, 35 bombings, run back to 100 points and can choose the outer country of 100, in front of the three of him is Beibi Rus, Stan – Muhaier and Bari – Bonz.

Harper was mad at the star game, and 49 pensions and 65 guarantees were knocked. In the last month, Harper’s nine hits 10 seconds, and the strikes are all. 323 / .460 / .697, all accumulated data is very beautiful, but Philadeli only got 14 wins and 16 losses, eventually Six-half disadvantage is placed in the World Competition Champions Atlanta Warriors, there is no chance.

It is worth noting that MVP final rankings, Juan Sodo and Xiaofer South – Tatis ranked two or three, Harper got 17 in the ticket voter, Sodo got 6, Little Titz got two, the rest of the five submitters Brandon Crawford (4) and Tre-Turner (1). But because Xia Tatis got a half of the third votes, his total score was still a bit of Crawford. Little Titz and Sodo, these two will definitely be unlimited in the future of 20 years old.

“It is very important to win the MVP again. After finishing the entire ball, I also got to thank the fans to support my support year, in their help and encouragement, I can bring this trophy to Philute. “


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