Josh – Allen’s team 49 people fight, Bill 34-24 tap 49 people

After the start of the game, the two teams have joined the front of the opponent’s end area, all attempted to fight 4 files, and they were saved.1 minute before the end of the first quarter, Bill quartz San Shuh-Alan’s parallel-side district, directly let 49 people attack from the top 3 yards in Bill side.External handbrandon-Ayeker received a short pass of Swan Knik Mullen, completed David, 0-7.However, Bill then responded quickly. After the start of the second quarter of the second quarter, I started to take over the red area, and I have completed the reachaes, and IPA, 7-7.2 minutes before the end of the half, Bill hit the red area of 49 people again.This time is the short pass of the near-end Padson-Knos received four-point Wei Allen, 14-7.4 seconds prior to the end of the half, Bill got a free kick, playing the ball to play 37 yards to play, continue to expand the leading advantage, 17-7.


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