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There are not many campus basketball events in China, and “High” is standing in a high enough position, shining.

And in fact, in addition to the “Nike” title, this event also has enough attractive history.The event is predecessor.

For the entire Chinese sports world, 1998 is absolutely considered “chaotic initial opening”.That year, Yao Ming just started his basketball career.And “next door” Chinese football, even there is no incarnation of the Super League.

To a certain extent, this can also explain why –Every year, there will be 220 middle schools in China, and nearly a million high school students participate in this event.

This sentence slogan gradually evolved into a symbol

However, the scale is still not stopped.

Before and after April of each year, the power-on position of the major mobile phones, in the conspicuous position of the social media, in the CBD outdoor billboard in a first-tier city, you can absolutely see a slogan coming from the blood of the blood:

There is only one high height in his life.

Who said that only professional players can play in Wukesong?

For a sports event, how can you attract the most concern at a lower cost?

In the world’s strongest sports market, the solution for this problem is –Create a “fist event” that can collect all attractiveness of this movement.

NBA, the annual playoffs is like a movie’s climax; NFL, one year of superb bowed absolute protagonist; even university basketball NCAA, “mad March” leads the society from all walks of life …

Speaking of this, do you understand?Use a “pocket” event to attract potential audiences, maximizing user cognitive costs.At the same time, the best side of this event is also present to the mass group..

And “High” with Nike Soldered, in this point, I learned the mature experience in the US market. The flat-rated thunder has created a top-level event IP of Chinese campus basketball:“High” peak.

High-strength peak, fixed in Wukesong, Beijing

“High” peaks, like its name, is the ultimate battle of high-rise events every year.

Over the countryGroup – Playor – Division FinalsAfter three screening, the total of eight teams from all over the country. And even if this is a national power, you must also experience in Wukesong.8 strong -4 strongTwo rounds of killing can appear on the final stage of “High” peaks …

How about it? Does it look very cruel.

However, it seems a complicated and brutal “high-resistant” peak, but also fully reflects the excellence of this event on the operational level.

It is not only live broadcast throughout the series of Tencent Sports, but can make greater attention in China’s Internet. More importantly, the high successfully will make the final finals, create a “Chinese Basketball Daxu”.

Even from the perspective, it is also successful than the CBA Finals.“Sports and pan-entertainment combined products”.

The final finals as an example. In the peak finals of up to 5 hours, the high-resistance did not allow the audience to feel long. They use the star arvers of the entertainment industry to fill the entire night. Even, I also invited Pan Yibai to help the “Middle Field Show” link …

Even before the game was played – the audience couldn’t see it, “high-resistance” is also sufficient enough. They invited Easy to join the players to stay at the hotel, and sent the stars invitation to all teams.

What I want to say is that “High” is not just in the setting of the content, and this dimension is more precious,“High” in building a “Fist Event” full of panic entertainment properties, the professional and positive determination displayedThis is currently China’s basketball, and even there is less in China’s sports world.

This is something that left other sports events worth learning.

They will pack the most long “high-resistant”, and create a professional high-spirited peak finals. In the way, combined with pan-entertainment, this careful product is spread to a more vast group of groups.


And this – Tsinghua Tsinghua City, the young guys are scratching the tears of the five loose baskets; the high-level confrontation that can be demonstrated by Renjia’s business; the high school gods are wearing Yang, which is worthy of thousands of articles. The story can only be disappointed, and there is more information flow in more people.

You can show off high school uniforms is Nike

It may be quite unexpected,“High-resistance” is absolutely considered all in China’s sports competitions, between several competitions, combined with the best events.

Although compared to the CBA, Super Super, or the LPL of the wind, it is not possible to compare the propagation and visibility of the entire social level.

However, the sounds they made are not less than “big brother”.

Regional stores become a school exclusive position

During the “High” region (Northaoyuan) competition every year, Nike will set out a special retail store in the region of the four high schools.

From the store signboard, go to the store flag and slogan, then go to the color match. Nikemen shop turned into a “High School Sports Equipment Room”, selling team exclusive sports products, including jerseys, slogan, t-shirts, etc. with unique youth imprints.

Even before this year, Nike also launched a limited number of “high” basketball series products! Create a new product line in the name of a match.

Nike launched a series of products, sponsored

You can also know more about it. For a high school, these things mean.

Nike really has the experience of running too rich campus basketball event, they deeply understand a truth –As the operator of the event, you treat an attitude towards the event, which determines the way people look at this event.

2017-18 season Nike High School League final

Whether it is the above-mentioned equipment customization, as well as high school commemorative jerseys, or place the finals in Wukesong Stadium, or invite a heavyweight national team player to help out …

In this operational behavior, we can’t see any perfunctory, despise the gesture.

An example of an extremely detail level. Nike’s “high” in 2019, the high school team participating in the regional competition provided:

Design of exclusive color and visual effects in different colleges and universities;

Nike jungle with a player’s name;

And, the theme of “High”, specially launched the theme of the actual ball shoes Nike Kyrie Flytrap II.


Design + jersey + boots. Any one of the above is raised, even if it is in the middle, or CBA, it is absolutely calculated to be top-level treatment.

Nike has invested in the competition that cannot be directly realized, it has been invested with the ratio of the blood, and this is just a refraction of their level of attention and responsibility – to know, even the Chinese super team can only be in Nike this. Get the trend of “Ferry Templates”.

Also relying on Nike’s solid details, these teens are more treated as “players”, not “students”, or “children”.

Nike makes a seriousness and professionalism that matches the age of participating players through the resources and methods they can use.Successfully put this high school campus sports event, built a basketball event.

Under a wave of commercialization of a wave, people feel the “noise” and “sense of sensing” that Nike wants to communicate outside the sports event level. After another fine shot, the narrative is great.

This is the reason why “High” is becoming a household name.

Need more “high resistance” to fill youth

Talking about the campus basketball, people will generally inevitably unwind to the Youth training system, player selection mechanism, basketball event system, and other words with a large narrative color. It seems to be based on the purpose of “cultivating more basketball players” for the country.

It is true that he is highly hot, and it is indeed a gradually clear young training path to China’s basketball.

However, we must also realize thatAt present, China’s campus basketball is still different from the young training basketball
of the professional team.

Even if NCAA, the proportion of NBA can enter NBA is just 1%. Players who participate in “High” are all ordinary high school students. They are just in the spare time, and they are gaining their own basketball hobbies. It is not like the CBA’s Qianjun queue players, 7 * 24 hours dedication to basketball.

You can see that in the performance competition before the “High-resistant” peak finals, the U18 National Youth Team can not win the blood, with 28 points advantage, great winning high school students. In the confrontation of the energetic family with Taiwan, even the strongest in mainland China, it is impossible to occupy the wind.

But this does not abrasive “high-resistant” flash point, but, the gap between the two parties is more reflected in “high-resistance” meaning –It does not exist as a campus basketball event and does not deliver young blood in the career game.

Every year, it will be transferred to the “Japanese National High School Football Championship” in China. This year, this year has been here.

And was influenced by the campus sports “Temple” eventSummerThere have been a hundred years of history.

A story like this can also spend a lot of examples in Japan. Because they have long already incorporated into the growth of the teenage group.

So when the cherry fossa is in the high school of the Nushan, the sentence is sufficient to run through the classic lines of the entire “grunge”, no one will feel embarrassed or correct. Because this is indeed true that their secondary school youth is really written.

Sakuragona said to Anxi coach

This is also the greatest significance of “high resistance”.

It provides a long-awaited richness in China – in daily life, can also create heroic narratives.

I don’t know if you understand this feeling?

Prior to this, the vast majority of Chinese teenagers can only be involved in the “serious context” of the adult world for their “serious context”, they only have a “self-realization” way. Don’t choose.

But this also means that the story of “grunge” will never happen in China, because the protagonist in the story has long been there to be the most active and bloody age, and we will see our most precious temperament. Graduately.

This time, they finally got a “value realization” opportunity to be self-selected – not for the college entrance examination, and did not enter the utilitarianity of the professional stadium. Just to love, in order to stay in the highest hall of high school basketball Under your own name, do what you want to do.

“High-resistant” 21 years of history, has born enough classic stories. There is Beijing’s four-in-law and Tsinghua Tiger fighting, and there is also a South Model Middle School epic. Among the confrontation, it is constantly gestating fresh youth story.

Women in Beijing 35 is one of them.

In the Beijing Regional Finals, they lost to the “Women’s Basil”, after the “Women’s Basheng” Tsinghua Medium Square, Sun Shiqi and Zhang Ming, the main team members of the two 35 women’s basketball team at the press conference after the game, The interview with the media still comes out to perseverance.

When the media asked “What is the goal?”

In fact, like the author of the author of the “grunge” said: “I can’t think of a better ending than regrets.”

For Sun Shiqi and Zhang Men, or any other “high-resistant” participating players, if they are not “high”, they are really difficult to experience so deeply in the age of 17 or 8. Although there are some older talks, this time is the winning or success or failure, it is really not the most important.


Although “High” is currently only available in northern China, it has not been able to push the whole country, but we have to admit that this is already a huge wealth for Chinese campus sports.

No matter which sports project, we all walked out of a detached detour. However, looking back, I found that youth groups are the final answer.

But I think this is not aware of the answer. “How to make the Chinese team better results?”, But –

“How can I make China’s teenagers love sports?”

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